Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Hunting We Will Go!

Here are my hunters! I love this photo...they didn't want to have it taken but I am glad that I talked them into it. Notice the glow of the ORANGE!

Well this weekend started the annual Deer Hunt here in Utah. Of course us Veenker's were in on the fun. The original plan was for the boys to take off and head to the cabin for the weekend and Liberty and I would have a girls weekend. Well, somehow I got suckered into going up to the cabin for the one hunts right by the cabin but our men stay at the cabin and wake up at the crack of dawn to make their way out onto the mountain. I really wasn't excited to be honest I was looking forward to a quiet weekend with really nothing to do. The cabin was still fun, quiet - well not so much. But we had a good time. At 5:00 am Saturday morning the footsteps of 4 adult men, and 5 boys 13 and younger started. Getting out the door took about 30 minutes. They were off, camel packs on backs and fanny packs filled with snacks & all necessities they would need in case a deer was shot. Not to mention as I walked down the stairs of the cabin to remind Craig of something the shock of the brightest orange colored clothing strewn across the main floor of the cabin made me want to cover my eyes. They hunters were off and didn't return until about 1:30 pm. No deer in hand but many very tired men with many of the layers peeled off due to the warm weather. Everyone had fun even if they didn't get a deer and I think that secretly the wives were hoping for them not to get one, at least I was, I don't care if Craig get's one but I didn't really want him getting one with my boys there. Maybe it would have been fine but you never know. We came back late last night and Craig has left again with his brother and dad for another 2-3 days of hunting. Why this is so much fun to men I don't know. But, Craig gets so excited. It kills me.

Liberty and the other girl cousins found other things to do. Such as coloring and painting fingernails.

Craig giving his dad a rub down and helping him crack his sore back. Check out how tired Craig looks! He crashed right after this.


Jen said...

Ok, Cricket, I'm going to but you here, but can you email me this picture of Mya, Afton and Libby at the cabin coloring? It is on the deer hunt page. I tried just downloading it, but it doesn't look that great. Thanks so much.