Thursday, October 30, 2008

Super Bowl Here We Come!!

Pleasant Grove Vikings 2008

Okay so I think that the thought of football season coming to an end tickled my fancy. The thought of having our nights back and being able to just maybe get a few things done was a good one. The thought of not having 6 practices (3 per boy) a week and 2 games was nice.

Those thoughts slipped away while sitting at the playoff games for both boys.

Zach's game was last Saturday afternoon, I watched him tackle his heart out and get the chance to catch a touchdown pass (if only I would have had the camera prepared!!!). This was a huge deal because all season he has been playing offensive and defensive tackle (he hardly gets a break during the game) but after practice one night the coach was just waiting for parents and throwing the ball around and noticed that Zach has some great talent. They made a play just for Zach and taught the entire team late in the season so he could do this. He was successful and no joke his reaction was absolutely priceless!!! They won the game 21-14. Way to go!

Caleb's game was tonight at PG High School. The team was pumped. We were playing strong the other team scored first but the team stopped them from getting their extra point. We were able to score shortly after and get the extra point. The score was 7-6. We dominated the game from then on. No score was made but the way they held the team was awesome. Caleb had about 15 great tackles. Way to go!

So here comes another week of Football...both boys are going to the Super Bowl! I am so excited for them. They both love this sport and are pumped. Zach's game is Saturday and Caleb plays next week. So the blue and white, Viking Pride can't be put to sleep for another week. It is nights like this that I need to remember so when I have afternoons when the boys are complaining about having to go to practice or not being able to find the second cleat, I can remember it is all worth it!

Let's go VIKINGS!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Which Cullen are You?

okay so I found this on Craig's cousins blog and I had to do it. I will admit I am not die hard Twilight fan but I did enjoy the books. So this is what I came up with.

I still haven't figured out how to put the link onto my blog...I know I am slow. But if you wanted to try this go to:

See what you come up with. Have fun!

Here's the Official Announcement

Well many of you already know but we found out on Friday we are going to have our third little boy in March! I was thinking it was a boy all along, of course the boys both wanted another boy but Libby was hoping for a sister. She took the news pretty good, she seems excited even if it is a boy! I told her that she will always be our little girl! Everything looks good and that is what we were hoping for! So come March 2009 we will have another set of boy feet running through the house! We can't wait!

A Hunting We Will Go!

Here are my hunters! I love this photo...they didn't want to have it taken but I am glad that I talked them into it. Notice the glow of the ORANGE!

Well this weekend started the annual Deer Hunt here in Utah. Of course us Veenker's were in on the fun. The original plan was for the boys to take off and head to the cabin for the weekend and Liberty and I would have a girls weekend. Well, somehow I got suckered into going up to the cabin for the one hunts right by the cabin but our men stay at the cabin and wake up at the crack of dawn to make their way out onto the mountain. I really wasn't excited to be honest I was looking forward to a quiet weekend with really nothing to do. The cabin was still fun, quiet - well not so much. But we had a good time. At 5:00 am Saturday morning the footsteps of 4 adult men, and 5 boys 13 and younger started. Getting out the door took about 30 minutes. They were off, camel packs on backs and fanny packs filled with snacks & all necessities they would need in case a deer was shot. Not to mention as I walked down the stairs of the cabin to remind Craig of something the shock of the brightest orange colored clothing strewn across the main floor of the cabin made me want to cover my eyes. They hunters were off and didn't return until about 1:30 pm. No deer in hand but many very tired men with many of the layers peeled off due to the warm weather. Everyone had fun even if they didn't get a deer and I think that secretly the wives were hoping for them not to get one, at least I was, I don't care if Craig get's one but I didn't really want him getting one with my boys there. Maybe it would have been fine but you never know. We came back late last night and Craig has left again with his brother and dad for another 2-3 days of hunting. Why this is so much fun to men I don't know. But, Craig gets so excited. It kills me.

Liberty and the other girl cousins found other things to do. Such as coloring and painting fingernails.

Craig giving his dad a rub down and helping him crack his sore back. Check out how tired Craig looks! He crashed right after this.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not What I Expected To See!

Well this morning once again we were running late! As I ran out the door to get into the truck, I back out to find this...

Sorry I forgot to change this phoot. But you get the jist of it!

You can't really tell this but the thing was hit so hard it knocked the screws out along the bottom. It was hit hard!

I will admit I was at first sort of mad and put out...but what could I do? What's done is done. I picked up all the pieces of the red flag which were spread over the street and our driveway. I got in my car and went to work. When I got there I called Craig to see if he had noticed anything, he hadn't. We only left like 45 minutes apart from each other, so it happened in that was garbage day. I had figured it out. The garbage man/truck had hit the mail box. I called the garbage company and made my complaint to the receptionist and she transfered me to some other guy who waited for me to give my complaint and his reply was "oh you must be 933 East. He was waiting for us to call, the driver had lifted the can and dumped it but on the way down it hit the mailbox. He called it in right away. I just wondered why he didn't come knock on my door. But oh well. They are going to replace it and that is what I wanted. We just got the vinyl address and the mailbox this last summer.

I was relieved when I figured it wasn't some vandal hitting my house. I didn't want that. But still that isn't what I wanted to see walking out for school. Not the way I wanted to start my day!

Craig was able to bend it back a little bit so it doesn't look so horrible until we are able to get another one.

Monday, October 6, 2008

General Conference Weekend

Conference Weekend!

Caleb and Craig on their way to Priesthood Session Saturday Night. Look at my handsome guys!

I must say that I get so excited for General Conference weekends. This one was no exception. It pretty much fills my cup in many different ways. Not only do we get to be uplifted and taught by our amazing church leaders, we get to relax. Pajamas are a must in our household. No one gets out of them. This year we had to get dressed for a short time so we could go to Zach's football game. We thought we would spare everyone else in the crowd!

Liberty and I playing around with the camera at Zach's game

It was the perfect rained all day on Saturday. If that doesn't just seem like the invitation to stay inside and hang with the family I don't know what does. Our family loves it, there is lots of food lingering in the cupboards and wonderful breakfasts are a must! Life is great.

Notice how they all have thumbs up!

Everyone stakes out where they are going to sit for the upcoming session and if we get up we have to save our spots or it is up for grabs. Liberty did a lot of coloring, Zach and Caleb would throw a football back and forth to each other on occasion. Craig would close his eyes every so often but would swear he wasn't sleeping check the photo...tell me what you think.

Craig somehow got the bean bag almost every session...I caught him with his eyes closed many times. I wish I would have gotten a photo of him wrapped up in the pink Strawberry Shortcake blanket. It would have been priceless!

I was the snack girl since I was the one who bought everything and stratigically hid everything so it wouldn't get eaten before Saturday. I must say that I loved every minute of it. I think the children loved it too. Sunday afternoon we had Christopher come over to watch the last session with us. This brought some great conversation....

Caleb: (raising his hand in the air, looking into his armpit) "hey look, I have armpit hair!

Christopher: (doing the same thing) "whatever, mine are longer!

Zach: (running over to check both boys armpits) " I can't see anything!"

Both Caleb & Christopher: (pointing out the tiny hairs) "Look, its right there!"

Christopher showing off the evidence...I can't see anything!

By this time I was on the bean bag cracking up! I couldn't believe they were discussing this. And the thing that got me most was they were completely serious. Absolutely hillarious! I never thought I would hear 12 & 13 year olds (or see them for that matter) examine their armpit hair!

Boys will be boys!
I am pretty sure that Liberty colored about 50 pictures! She was in heaven!
We had a great time, felt rejuvinated & well fed, both spiritually and physically! Can't wait until April!