Friday, August 15, 2008

One Emotional Mom!

Okay so as I sit here at my computer I have tears running down my face. I had to hold this all together for some time but finally I have let them fall. See, today was Caleb's first day of Junior High. He is a 7th Grader!!! I can't believe I drove to take him to school this morning all I could think about was his first big day of Kindergarten. (Which seems like just yesterday!!) And just like today he was excited, nervous, anxious, and ready to go.

Yesterday went to the "Meet The Teacher" day with him. As I walked around the Jr. High all I kept thinking was how much I loved my 7th-9th grade years. I kept praying that Caleb would have the same experience as I had. As we walked I soon realized that my child knows a ton of kids. It was "Hey Veenk", or "Hi Veenkie", and "Veenker" coming from many voices around the halls. One thought I had was why did we ever need to give him a first name! NO ONE calls him Caleb. Well except his family! Craig told me to get used to it, because it was the same for him. Another thought I had was that of happiness, as we walked around the school and worked on opening his locker, I had such a good feeling of who my son has become. He is a good boy, and has become more mature in the last little while and I admire that about him. He is a great example. He has to work hard in school, it isn't something that comes easily for him but he takes on the challenge and does it with pride. Yesterday I begged him to let me take photos of him but he flatly refused. I didn't want to cause any embarassement so I gave in.

Today, I had to sneak a few as he walked into the school. As I sat in the car watching him walk in so big, so strong, so "grown-up", so ready, I sat and had a mix of emotions run through my mind. My little boy is growing up. Someone told me that the jr high and high school years fly by! So I guess we're in for a wild and hopefully fun and fulfilling ride. Way to go Caleb. Keep being the same great boy you always have been. I am so blessed to have such a great 7th Grader! Keep up the great work! I love you, Caleb!

I am sorry but how can a mom not start to cry while watching this. He looked back a time or two I think just to make sure I wasn't take photos. But I got some. Not to worry!

One last shot before he walked into the school. I hope his time at Jr. High is one he will always remember as a great time!

Just a side note:
Wow, if I am like this today, what will Monday be like when the other two start school. In our district they have the 7th graders come a day early to get the hang of things. I love that idea! Zach and Liberty start on Monday.


Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Wow, I can't believe you have a Jr. Higher! (Good thing only Caleb gets older and not you!) And lucky gal to have your kids back in school already-we still have 2 1/2 weeks of summer! Good luck with your kids school year 2008-2009!

Jan said...

I'm right there with you sista! Good luck to all of us on our back to school adventures!

cari said...

You hit the nail on the head when you said the Jr. and Sr. High school years fly by. Just wait until he's a senior and talking about colleges and missions. It's tough. Why couldn't they stay little? But Caleb's a great kid and you are doing a great job as his parent. He's going to do just fine like you said and you'll get used to it. Just try to cherish some of these moments because they do go by fast.

P.S. I can just picture Caleb's face when he saw you get all teary. Eyes rolling and that cute grin! I love that kid!

Cortney Chambers said...

he is such a great kid---i love how outgoing and funny he is---i don't like all this talk about how fast it all goes--it makes me emotional just reading it!

DanaLee said...

Crick, that is so sweet! I cant believe how big he has gotten! Such a cutie!