Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another First Day of School!

The big man Second Grader!!!

The big First Grader!!!

Okay, so I have been reading many blogs that are right on top of things and have already blogged about the first day...well, this mom isn't quite as on top of it as others. What can I say? I wasn't excited for school to start it creeped up on us way to quickly. So really I am in sort of denial that it has begun. Last Friday when Caleb went I struggled, and then on Monday when he didn't have to go and the others did it didn't seem real. I can't really explain it. But we started our new morning schedule promptly at 6:30 am (a little earlier for me, I have to have a head start!) We all got up and had a great morning. Right up until the last minute I was feeling not prepared to go to school and start teaching 420 children for the upcoming months. So bad, I had big plans of spending time this summer getting a bunch of stuff ready and that just didn't happen. There was no time!!! But it came time to leave and the day came and went very uneventful...when Zach came home I asked him how it was and his comment was, "Okay, not that different." Liberty had a good day and she did great. I didn't get to see her much at all but she had fun. Here are the kids just before we left. The start of school is a bitter sweet thing. My children really enjoy going to school, that isn't the problem, it is me who realizes that each year seems to be going by so fast and that is what kills me. Check out these cute kids....