Friday, August 1, 2008

Old Texas

Check out these children...who is there Mother?

So one afternoon, I heard the kids bustling around looking for things and then I heard the front door slam and then silence. After a few moments of silence (that I secretly needed at the time) I looked outside to notice that the kids were playing in the tree. I love watching them when they all play together and they love our trees. We have two great big trees on the side of our lot. They are great! I wandered out to chat with them as they played. I was told they were climbing "OLD TEXAS". I was confussed! I asked what that meant, little did I know that they have named the trees. So me being the noisy one, I asked "if this one is Old Texas...what is that trees name? (Pointing to the other tree). Quickly all of them answered "Oh, that's NEVADA." I couldn't help but laugh, I don't know how long our trees have had names, but it cracks me up! Then I noticed what each child was wearing, climbing gear in there eyes (I guess) the more laughing came. I ran inside to get the camera this was one I couldn't miss. Check out the duds on these kids...where is their mother?
This happened in the afternoon, and I don't think that a brush had even come close to Liberty's hair, Zach's old soccer shorts and the pink shirt, you know that would be my first choice. Of course the sneakers or as she called them her climbing shoes. Once again, don't forget the shades!

Caleb has on Craig's shorts which are a bit on the large side, I don't have a clue what the piece of PVC pipe has to do with the outfit, but really you gotta have shades!

I think it is so funny that Zach is wearing all black including his baseball socks and Caleb's black shorts that are extra long on him and please take note of the black church belt around the waist. Don't ask, I still cannot figure it out. Oh, and don't forget the shades. That totally completes the outfit!

They played outside long after I went inside the house. I got a great laugh off of this one. Even now when I drive up to the house and catch a glimpse of the trees I laugh and think of the names.