Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 8

** DAY 8 **


Chasing these....

With this kid telling me which way to go.

Brit has super good hearing. He always seems to hear sirens way before anyone else around here. He loves it most when they come up our street. We were playing outside on a very warm winter day and he heard it from far away...he stopped playing and said, "let's chase it mom!" So me being the nice mom I am, we grabbed the keys and took off. It made it easy for me because by the time I was out of the garage, it was coming up our street. So we took off following it, only to see it making a U turn just up the hill. Brit couldn't believe it, this Fire Truck was lost! We flipped the car around and followed it. They were driving all around our neighborhood and after a wild ride, they found where they were supposed to be. I hadn't ever seen a lost fire truck. It helped make our little adventure that much more fun! Brit loved every minute of it! Good times with my little shadow are something I really love!