Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 7

** DAY 7 **


Whether they be big or small, there is something about setting a goal and even better achieving that goal. At the first of this year I set a goal...A BIG GOAL! This may not be a big deal for some, but for me it's huge. I thought I needed to be fair with myself, and give myself plenty of time to complete this goal. I am really stepping out of my comfort zone with this. But I want to do this...I have wanted to do it for some time now, but finally got the courage to set the goal, make those who are close to me aware of my goal, and make plans necessary to achieve my goal.

What is this goal, you may ask? Well, I have decided to RUN A HALF MARATHON on or close to my 40th B-day!!! (That gives me 21 months to train!) THIS IS HUGE FOR ME!

With goals I have found that it is easy to get discouraged, well, it could have discouraged me when I went running for the first time and just about DIED after one lap around the track. Keep in mind this was NOT the first time to the track, however; it was the first time I got the nerve up to RUN. I was breathing really hard, and I am sure I sounded like a herd of elephants coming up on other running along side of me. But I made it around one time, (go ahead laugh, cause it is pathetic!) and had to stop running. I started laughing (not outloud, seriously, I would be considered a FREAK if that were the case) in my head. I thought ... "what are you thinking? a 1/2 marathon? That's like 13.1 MILES and you are dying after one lap!"

Discouragement set in just a little bit. But then I found this quote, and I printed it out and have it hanging with some others in my office & in the bathroom.

Somehow, it gives me enough courage to continue! I am happy to say that I have been back and yes, I can now run two laps with out feeling like I am going to die from lack of oxygen. Small steps...but it is an improvement from the time before!

And just because when I saw this I totally thought of last photo!



cortney said...

you only have 21 months until you're 40---WHAT?!

this is a great goal, you have my full confidence, i know you can do it!

have you read running with angels? it was really good and she talks about how she could only run a half a lap and then worked up to running a marathon. you don't need to read the weight loss part, but the inspirational parts are really good.

good luck!

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

GO CRICKET!!! I wanna be there to cheer you on when you finish that 1/2 marathon. So proud of you!