Sunday, January 15, 2012

Temple Square

The Friday before Christmas we got all bundled up and headed up to Temple Square to see the lights. This has become a tradition for us along with going to dinner at Sizzler in SLC. Its always fun to see the beauty of Temple Square sparkling with millions of christmas lights. Photos of our night below...

We parked in the new City Creek parking lot, which proved to be a see they lock the doors early and we had to pound on the doors until a janitor would open the doors so we could get back to our car. On the search for the car!

Caleb and Zach think they had finally found it!

A quick photo of my cute clan!

Someone is pretty excited! So cute!

Cute, traditional photo of all of us inside the Tabernacle. (maybe I should have taken my hat off, I really do have eyes!)

Brit and I waiting for the rest of the family to come out of the Assembly Hall

A family photo surrounded by the awesome lighted trees.

Dinner at Sizzler... not sure what Lib is doing.

The other half of the family at Sizzler

There is nothing I love more than spending time with these guys! I love Christmas traditions both small and large! Until next year!