Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vegas Baby!

Craig and I took the chance to go on a little getaway. It was fabulous! We decided to head to Vegas to see The Lion King. We really enjoyed the play, felt totally out of place on the strip, ate at the same places we would have at home (McDonalds, Chili's), went and saw Hoover Dam, got upgraded to a very cool suite at Mandalay Bay, visited/stayed with some amazing friends, and loved every minute of it. We were able to stay in touch with the kids via texting, and it was great to come home to children who sincerely missed us and were very happy to see us. That will make any mom & dad feel loved. The hardest part is waiting until we can do it again!
Waiting for the Belagio Water Show to start.
Craig's first time seeing the water show. Always very impressive.

Hoover Dam...pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself
Craig at Hoover Dam

AHHH! Cute.

Quick pic just after the play

One last shot of the sign
Final shot of the two of us, just before leaving our cool hotel room and heading to church.

Vegas Trip 2011


cortney said...

you take the best dang pictures---i can't handle it!

looks really fun---my problem lately is that i feel like i need a getaway every weekend!

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said... fun. Looks like such a fun weekend!