Thursday, March 24, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Fun

A Leprechaun visited our house again this year...(highlight of my day, actually happened the day before, when Liberty excitedly asked Zach if he thought the leprechaun was going to come again like last year!) Our day started out with rainbow waffles, green milk, and Lucky Charms. We all sported green to school and work, except for Zach who once again was the rebel and said..."don't worry mom, if anyone tries to pinch me they will get into trouble!" he wore jeans and a BYU shirt and later at school drew a green shamrock on his hand. Too cool...whatever!

Sure enough while at school the leprechaun visited the house and decorated it with shamrocks EVERYWHERE! He left green balloons, green streamers on the outside of the door blowing in the wind for all the neighborhood to see. (Caleb asked me if next year the leprechaun could possibly stay inside the house so everyone didn't see....TEENAGERS!) Of course we had our green dinner. We had, sloppy joes (NOT GREEN) on green buns, green & orange jello, green bagged chips, cabbage salad, deviled eggs, green apple soda pop, and green rice crispy treats for dessert. As always it was fun...we had a guest, Liberty's friend Evrest over. I don't know if she thought we were fun or crazy...but she was jazzed when Craig gave her his bag of gold. (everyone got a bag of gold on their plate). Good times...even if Craig sometimes shakes his head at me, and Caleb is getting "way to cool for it". I look forward to it EVERY year! Check out our fun night!
Breakfast is served! Aren't those waffles to die for?

The gang just before eating.

Brit chewing on his green straw.
The green meal...if you look in the background of most of the photos you can see how the leprechaun decorated with tons of shamrocks.
Added this one to show the cute green pins that Lib and I made for the big day. So easy and so cute!
My boys are getting WAY TO BIG! (and they really need haircuts)
Everyone dishing up
Zach's "green" for the day.
Cute pot of gold at the end of the rainbow center piece.

Hope your St. Patrick's Day was fabulous! Until next year!


Millington Family said...

What fun food!!! Love it! Can you come to my house next year? My kids didn't like what I made them (breakfast) green eggs, green butter on toast, and milk. Traditional cornbeef and cabbage for dinner (I guess I don't blame them). You've always been so creative!