Friday, March 11, 2011

Daddy Daughter Ball 2011

Liberty knows that late February means she gets to go on a special date with Craig.
Kids Village puts on an AWESOME Daddy Daughter Ball each year. This year was perfect if you ask me. They chose a 50's theme. Liberty and I searched the internet for the perfect poodle skirt. (she chose the color, I chose the price! We got a deal, $12! I couldn't make it for that!)
Aunt Jen was nice enough to help out with her hair...and it looked DARLING!
Best part was Liberty loved it! Thanks Jen!
Check out the do...

I was asked to help at the ball so I had to leave before Craig and Liberty. I asked that the boys take a photo of Liberty all dressed and also one with Craig. Then I asked for Craig to bring the camera to the ball so I could take more photos. Well, as I was checking my camera and card...somehow all the photos that I took of the evening (Craig and Lib dancing, making crafts and others) have been deleted. I have and idea who may have done it. But I am not saying anything!
This was the only shot I have of Liberty dressed up....doesn't she look cute.

Kids Village was decked out! It looked so cute! Liberty chose just the right color of skirt, it fit with the color scheme of the decorations. Great music, a diner with burgers, fries & a soda fountain. They made a darling picture frame that held their photo for the night. It was a perfect night...except Liberty wasn't feeling all that great. Their night was cut short due to this but it didn't seem to phase Liberty. She is already asking about next year!

Such great memories for her!
Next year...I promise I will have more photos!!!


Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Darling. Darling. Darling!! Love the skirt and her hair is perfect! What a fun night.

Jen said...

She is just a QT! I loved doing her hair, I hope she liked it and that she enjoyed the date with her dad.