Friday, March 11, 2011

Nothing Better Than...

A list of current (There's) Nothing Better Than's....or NBT

NBT - listening to Brit say his ABC's

NBT - the smell of Easter Candy

NBT - open windows, cool breeze blowing thru my house

NBT - 19 Patriotic Programs being over...and a success

NBT - Spending a great evening with my parents & sisters

NBT - a getaway with Craig (well deserved if I do say so!)

NBT - watching my family play ROCK BAND

NBT - a good night sleep

NBT - a clean house

NBT - recognizing how blessed I am

NBT - Caleb getting excited for football

NBT - Lib practicing her solo for the school play

NBT - Zach funny movie quotes (make me laugh every time)

NBT - Brit singing "Skinamirink"

NBT - a WONDERFUL family

NBT - a long weekend!

I could go on and on...but I will stop there. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!