Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'll Paint You A Picture

This week has been great!

It went something like this...

Monday: Caleb taught a great lesson in FHE

Tuesday: I was able to go to a Stake RS Meeting in which Sister Julie Beck (General RS President) spoke to us. She was amazing! I loved every minute of it. She opened my mind and heart to many things.

Wednesday: I put some of the things I had learned Tuesday night into action and made the decision that it feels good to be aligned with good things.

Thursday: Craig and I were able to go to Ward Temple night. I always love going to the Temple but being surrounded by so many neighbors and friends makes it even better.

Friday: Craig and I went out on a date. That always make the week good.

Saturday: The Adult Session of Stake Conference. The speakers seemed to be just for me! I loved every one of them.

Sunday: Stake Conference General Meeting. Which again was very good. The talks and testimonies were presented so well. During this meeting I had a very unique experience. Let me paint the picture for you...

We were all sitting together which hasn't happened for about 6 months ... I thought to myself, this is great! Well, Zach was already squirming around asking if it was almost over. Brit was talking way to loud, Liberty was asking me to hand her crayons while she was trying to draw a picture, and Caleb said he needed some popcorn and had a wedgie. So that gives you an idea of how much I was hearing just before the rest hymn. When the rest hymn was announced as "Called to Serve" I got chills. So there I was in the middle of the chapel, and we all stood and began to sing. I looked to one side and had Zach standing next to me, sort of dancing as he sung, and I smiled. Brit begging to be picked up, so I did. Tall Caleb on the other side of me singing out, Liberty standing on the other side of Craig, trying not to be seen as she tried to step up on the pew. We all were standing and singing, I loved listening to my family sing this song, knowing every word to it. I teared up, and at that moment I realized that I was surrounded by my missionaries! My boys are growing so fast, it seems like just yesterday that it was Caleb begging to be picked up! It was a sweet experience to know and feel the strength that they all have. They have testimonies and they have a love for the gospel. I cried the entire song, and even after we all sat down. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family. I love watching them grow up and yes it does make me cringe to think that in 5 short years Caleb will be heading out on his mission. I cringe from nerves and excitement. Just like every mother. I thought to I doing the things I need to to be able to teach my children by example. I realized again that I have a huge responsibility and I need to do more, be better and teach them. More tears came. My little moment was probably not noticed by any, but to me it just made my week all the better. I don't think I will ever forget today.

There's the picture, I hope I made it seem clear and not blurry. It was a great week for me, and I hope you too!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


so far in 2011 i have been really bad at updating my blog...i will have to try to be better.
so if i were to run into something and they ask me "what's new?" this is what i would tell them...
*we all got back into school only to get sick and have to miss a day or two. no fun to be sick.
*i started teaching a new class. i now teach music m/w/f all day and a 2 year old class t/th mornings. yes, you heard right, i teach 2 year olds. i have 22 two year olds, (only 11 at a time), but i have my hands full, but i must say they are all adorable. I already love them!
*last sunday evening we went with liberty to her baptism preview. yes, i am struggling with the idea that she is going to be 8. i can't believe how fast she is growing up. she is very excited for her birthday and to be baptized, which makes me happy.
*brit finally learned the word yes...this was huge in our home! Considering he has been answering everything with the word no forever! we all jumped for joy when he first said it. he now will not only use yes, but also, yeah, and sure. it is very cute.
*craig and i celebrated our 16th anniversary. it is hard to believe that we have been married for 16 years, but we do have a son who is going to be 15 in 3 months so it all adds up! we had a fun date on tuesday night, dinner and movie. man i love that guy!
i can't think of anything else out of the ordinary. we still are busy everyday, but that is the way i like it.
just for fun, check out some great photos i have taken over the last few days.
brit with his favorite glasses...he wears them ALOT!

zach giving brit a ride on his rip stick...i am sure this is dangerous, but brit loved it!
caleb sporting liberty's snuggie upside down. snuggie pants he called it. nice!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Highlights

Before it gets further into the New Year...I thought I better jot down a few highlights of 2010!
Isn't it great that so many wonderful things can happen to one family? I must say that I am very blessed, beyond belief really. Many things happened some more memorable than others but here are a few I will never forget....
*Watching Caleb start as Quarterback. It was a rough start, but he ended up shining. He is a great player. I was one proud Mom.
*Craig being called to be the Bishop of our ward. Life changing, it really is.
*Witnessing a miracle (at least I think it was) happen to someone I LOVE very much.
*Brit turning 1. I can't believe how much joy one little boy can bring to a family.
*Liberty learning to cook and loving it. She looks forward to her cooking classes.
*Zach hitting a game changing hit in the Little League championship. He hit it to the fence and brought in a couple of runs. It was a tied game until that point. I was jumping up and down screaming like a mad woman!
*Being surrounded by AMAZING people everyday. Family, Friends, Co-workers, & Neighbors. I just hope I can be a great as they are.
Many great things happened in 2010! Mainly, just the day to day things that put a smile on my face made it a GREAT year! So here's to a SUPER 2011!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas & New Years

Just like every year Christmas and New Years came so quickly and is now past. Every year I stress myself out and then end up enjoying the season beyond belief. There is nothing better than spending time with family, eating all the yumminess that comes with the season, listening to Christmas music (and on occassion, singing them at the top of my lungs), having a break from school, and seeing the exciment and anticipation of the season. This year was TONS of fun! I must admit there were many simple traditions we didn't get to, because of schedules and meetings, but it was a great time of year for all of us! I took a ton of photos and after reviewing them I always think of other shots I wish I would have taken, but here's what I've got!
I warn you there are lots of photos!
*Christmas Eve @ Veenker Home*I wish I would have taken this photo before all of the festivities. We all look a little hashed, and I don't have a clue what Zach is doing, but here's our little family.
Caleb and Grammy, I don't know what was so funny.

Dad and Craig singing White Christmas (a tradition) but this year a nice kick line was added.

Brit waiting his turn to ring the bells.

Cousins hanging on the bean bag. I love these kids!

Cute photo of Grammy and Papa!

My cute children! Caleb 14, Zach 10, Liberty 7, Brit 22 months

Note to self...Christmas PJ's are a must next year...they make photos so much cuter!
Liberty playing with her new iTouch. She loves it!

Caleb modeling some of his new clothes.

Zach with his new bike.

Brit checking out his new Shop Vac (it's a long story, but he LOVES it!)

Craig and the boys got remote control helicopters. Of course, one crashed on its first flight. This seems to happen every year, someone ends up crying about a broken toy, but we have been lucky enough to some how fix it or at least order a new part. This year it was Craig's who crashed. He was as sad as any little boy I've ever seen.

After all gifts were opened, I walked into the family room to see this. Brit loves his big brother.
Craig and Brit, hanging out waiting to eat.

Flying helicopters

Traditional Nativity, complete with songs, narration and bells. (not photoed)
Liberty doing her part in Minute to Win It game. She was part of a human conveyor belt.

Brit just after his first time sledding, he had to be bundled up because it was COLD, but he is grinning ear to ear. When I opened up his hood, he smiled and said, "Again, Mom!"
Needless to say, he LOVED it!
Brooklynn, Brit and I riding in the snow cat to the cabin.

Kids watching one of the many ping pong tourny's that took place. While we were there we got about 3-4 feet of snow. So most of the time there was spent inside the cabin, not snowmobililng.

Craig in the middle of one of his games

The little girls planned an art show this year. It was a cute idea.

Brit enjoyed sitting by the window watching anyone who was brave enough to venture outside. It was FREEZING! At one point it was -4 degrees. That is without the wind chill. CRAZY COLD!

Everyone had a good time, even if we couldn't do what we came to do, snowmobile. The snow put a damper on that idea. The kids dug snow caves and tunnels, jumped off the roof into the snow, played games, painted fingernails, and thank heavens for itouch games, they saved the day! We joked that next year's Christmas cabin trip we need to order much better weather! We will have to see how that goes.
That's some of what we did, we had a great 2 week vacation and I am having a hard time grasping the idea of going back to school in the morning. I guess all good things come to an end.
Happy 2011!