Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Highlights

Before it gets further into the New Year...I thought I better jot down a few highlights of 2010!
Isn't it great that so many wonderful things can happen to one family? I must say that I am very blessed, beyond belief really. Many things happened some more memorable than others but here are a few I will never forget....
*Watching Caleb start as Quarterback. It was a rough start, but he ended up shining. He is a great player. I was one proud Mom.
*Craig being called to be the Bishop of our ward. Life changing, it really is.
*Witnessing a miracle (at least I think it was) happen to someone I LOVE very much.
*Brit turning 1. I can't believe how much joy one little boy can bring to a family.
*Liberty learning to cook and loving it. She looks forward to her cooking classes.
*Zach hitting a game changing hit in the Little League championship. He hit it to the fence and brought in a couple of runs. It was a tied game until that point. I was jumping up and down screaming like a mad woman!
*Being surrounded by AMAZING people everyday. Family, Friends, Co-workers, & Neighbors. I just hope I can be a great as they are.
Many great things happened in 2010! Mainly, just the day to day things that put a smile on my face made it a GREAT year! So here's to a SUPER 2011!