Sunday, October 3, 2010

One Year Older & Wiser Too!

My birthday came and was such a great day. I was spoiled by my family and friends and it made me that much better! :0)! Craig surprised me at work by delivering a cake that had candles lit and teachers singing when I walked in to lunch. I came home to another surprise...a new dishwasher! I was jumping for joy, after not having a working dishwasher for over 5 months, it was a perfect gift. I love it! The family tried to make me a cake, the first round was a disaster, the second time it came out fine and the kids did a bang up job decorating it. By the time it was finished, Craig was beyond frustrated. Thanks for the great day!

Here is the first attempt...pans were over filled and then spilled out.
attempt number 2

the finished project...the kids decorated it.

don't mind that i can't put an outfit together at age 37! I was in my jammies and it was cold so i threw on a sweatshirt. I know it's a great combo!

me making my wish! let's hope it comes true!

It was a great birthday! Thanks to everyone for the wonderful facebook wishes and all the love sent my way!


Cortney Chambers said...

all the more meaningful that the kids decorated the cake as only kids can!

sounds like a great birthday!