Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Break Fun!

There's nothing better than having a break from school! We always look forward to the Fall Break that falls in mid October. It is a great way to rejuvinate and enjoy being with family. We started the break off with McKinsey's 16th Birthday party which was held at Jump On It! I don't know how I didn't get a photo of the birthday girl but the party was tons of fun!
Here is Liberty doing a front flip...

Brit was in HEAVEN! Wall to wall trampolines...what else could a kid ask for?
Caleb catching some air while jumping...
Liberty was loving doing kart wheels all over the place
Zach doing a front flip off the platform...
Even Craig got in on the flip action...

It was a great party!

The next morning we gathered up our stuff and headed to the cabin. We decided to actually go somewhere for the weekend. It was so nice up there, the weather was perfect, the leaves were crunchy and falling, a perfect fall weekend. Sadly, just after Craig and the boys got home from scouting deer, Craig got sick, and the following day Zach wound up throwing up also. That was a bummer, but even with that we still managed to have fun!

Brit couldn't get enough of the 4 wheelers...he loved them, but still can't get used to the weight of his helmet and would wobble all over the place. That didn't stop him from wanting rides.
Here's some of the group making campfire pizzas.
Liberty relaxing on the elk statue
This boy was in heaven...drinking apple juice and eating cheetos all weekend long.
Zach still feeling a bit yucky.
Liberty waking up Saturday morning...I wish she woke up this happy every morning.
Zach in deep thought, waiting his turn for the swing.
Some of the kids eating cinnamon rolls just waiting to take off to go to the Snow College football game in Ephriam.

It was a great weekend. I love that we were able to go and do something. Nothing is better than spending time with family!


cortney said...

that's an impressive flip by craig! what a fun place. sorry about everyone getting sick---hope you guys feel better soon!

texaswilliams said...

Hi Cricket. Am I being paronoid? :) Send me your email adress to and I will invite you to read the blog. I have gotten a few complaints about closing it. I am torn,,,,