Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Ride

Every year we talk about going on a Fall drive to the Alpine Loop. This year we actually did it. We probably missed the peak of the awesome colors but it was a very fun day. We put everyone in the car and took off.

We headed up Provo Canyon...of course honked all the way through the tunnel and headed up to Sundance.
Here I captured some of the colors out my window. It was a goregous day for a drive. Windows down and nice breeze coming into the car.

More colors out my window. The nice paved road all the way up the canyon was lovely...little did I know we were in for an adventure!

I caught Caleb in my side mirror hanging out the window.

Seriously, it was beautiful up there!

Just after taking this photo Craig decided to be adventurous...he turned on to the bumpiest road EVER! We were driving along the face of Mt. Timpanogas. It was pretty cool but he bumps, and dips, and jiggles weren't my favorite. Just look at the road...we drove on this road for like 2 hours. It was so bumpy! I wasn't loving it.
Craig kept telling us to watch for wildlife...I really didn't think we would see anything. We headed into a tree filled area, when all of the sudden Craig (looking to his left) yells, "THERE'S A MOOSE!" We all sort of freaked out, some with excitement, some thinking get me out of here! We were all watching the moose on the left when Caleb freaks out and yells... "THERE'S THE BULL MOOSE!" It just happened to be on my side of the car...if you know me, I don't like animals especially in the wild. I freaked out, yelling at Craig to roll up my window and he wouldn't...Zach was jumping up and down in the very back, Lib was hiding under a blanket, Craig started snapping pictures, Caleb and Brit were laughing. I didn't handle myself very well...I was sure it was going to charge our car and we would be stranded up on the crazy road for days. Craig started driving and honking trying to push the moose out in front of us...which meant I freaked out more. I was able to get this photo of the bull moose while shaking. It was staring us down, I swear it was!

After it ran across the road Craig continued on and found a spot to turn around, on the way back down the road, Craig saw them again and decided to get out of the car and take some more photos...he tried to get there attention by whistling, and having Caleb honk the horn.

It was a great adventure! One I am sure we won't forget. After all was calm and we were on the bumpy road heading home...we all got a great laugh at how I was freaking, and Craig said it wasn't a very big moose...but it seemed pretty big to me!

Next year we will be going a few weeks earlier, hoping to see the colors at their best!
Happy Fall Y'All!