Friday, September 24, 2010

Grovecrest Carnival

Grovecrest PTA Fall Carnival
Nails painted by Mrs. Day (I think) a sixth grade teacher. Of course she picked bright pink!
Lib gettting her hair done.

Liberty sitting very still to have her face painted.

Lib racing her teacher...Lib won...(I'm sure that wasn't intentional at all!

The finish products...both up-do (above) and face paint (below)

Once again the elementary put on a great carnival...the kids had a great time! This year it was just Liberty and I. Zach for whatever reason didn't want to go, so we counted it as a GNO (Girls Night Out).

This year they had some great booths...girly things (even better if you ask me!) But still had the traditional carnival games as well. Lib took full advantage of having her nails painted, hair done and face painted. She was all dolled up by the time we left. She was even thoughtful enough to use some of her tickets to get the boys a treat at the bake sale booth. Of course she got them the "Y" sugar cookies.

After glam and fun we stopped and grabbed some nachos (a perfect carnival snack) and headed home. One of the things I loved about this carnival is watching Lib interact with so many of the other kids. It is so much different with her then with the boys...she is social. Not that the boys are mutes, but they don't run around saying hello to everyone they see like she does. So fun to watch!
The PTA did a great job! It was a perfect GNO for Lib and I!


Jennifer said...

Howdy Cricket! I love reading your blog! Too bad my girls and I missed out on the school carnival. It looked like a lot of fun! Here is may blog if you want to follow it.

Millington Family said...

Cute close up photo of Lib! Can't wait to see you tomorrow.