Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Something's Missing

Check it out! Liberty lost both her 2 front teeth in a week. I wish I would have taken a photo of her with only one out, but I didn't. With one out and the other one hanging on is more like it. I called her "snaggle tooth" for a few days until it came out. She looks darling, and her voice has a cute lispy sound to it. I love it! I wish she would stay this way for a little longer, but the permanent teeth are already showing up. I love the toothless grin!
*In case you were wondering, Craig had to pull both of them out for her, she just couldn't do it!

8 Months and a Few Days!

Okay, so I have tried to stay right on top of Brit's birthday each month...this month I let it slip. I was in Idaho helping my little sister on the 24th of this month, so we took the photos a day later, and I am not getting to post until a few days after that. Oh well, he really hasn't changed in 2 more days. I know that I have probably said this every month, but Brit has changed SO much this month. I can't believe how he running around in his walker, talking more (you know adding more sounds to his babble), he has finally cut his first tooth, he has mastered the army crawl and can move really fast, he learned to climb the 2 steps we have from our family room to our kitchen, not to mention how big he is getting, I caught him pulling himself up to a stand in his crib, his giggle is contagious, we all love it. Brit's first year is going by so fast, it is so fun to watch him grow and develop each day.
He quickly grabbed the 8 print out and Zach's little army guy to play with.
Here he is trying to climb off the couch, Zach is reaching out to grab him.

Notice the little scratch on his forehead, it has already begun, the sign of a baby becoming mobile.
MMMMMOOOOOOMMMMM! Not another photo!

Man, I love this kid!

Friday, October 23, 2009

PG Dance/Drill Camp

About a week ago we came home to find a small blue flyer taped to our door...it was all about PG Drill/Dance Club's Drill Team Camp. Girls of all ages were invited! Libby was beyond excited. I must admit, something inside of me got all giddy as well. I was on the drill team my Sophmore year and LOVED it! We arranged everything for her to attend with some neighbors and the big day came. I didn't take them the first day, and come to find out her excitement turned to nerves and shyness, and it took one of Libby's friends mom bribing her!!! I know I am not proud of this at all. But after the bribe, she opened right up. She would come home and sing the songs her dances were to, and showing me the dance steps. She was really into this. The camp was 3 days long...on day 3 they had a performance for all the parents. She was so excited! I was hoping that she wouldn't freeze up when the crowd was there...and seriously there was no need for my worrying. That music started and she just lit up and had a ball...each age group did a jazz, military & freestyle (I think that is what they called it) dance. The dances were short but so fun. Lib did a great job! I need to get her into dance lessons because she really does a great job. At the very end of the performance the Drill Director made an announcement that they would be holding another camp in the summer, as we walked out of the High School, Lib was already asking if she could go to the next camp. I LOVE IT!!!

Liberty waiting for the music to start.
I love this, she was totally getting into this dance, and singing along with the music.

"Your on the phone, with your girlfriend, she's upset" Taylor Swift Song
Nice kick!!!!
Can't wait for next summer's camp! Thanks to all the cute girls on PG's Vikettes! Nice Job!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What We've Been Up To...

Here's a panoramic shot of our RS Retreat "Show Your Color"
Last Fri/Sat our ward held its annual RS Retreat. Just being called to "Relief Society" Meeting Leader (Enrichment Leader) this was my first big event. I am so happy how it all turned out. Our committee is amazing..we had a great Friday night activity "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" and on Saturday we had a personality color code presentation, some awesome classes on how to bake pies and learning how to knit. We made darling jewelry...and had a service project of making cards and blankets for the Ronald McDonald Houses. It was really fun, and a great way for all the ladies in the ward to get to know each other better and enjoy each others company. Great success!!! I am so happy it is over and that everyone had a good time. Liberty came over to the church for the last hour and loved making cards.

This lead me to the idea of having a Service Party over Fall Break with some of Liberty's new friends she has made at school. We made invites for her to deliver and she could hardly wait. Wednesday night I pulled out some scrapbook supplies and stamps and glue and made a few example cards. We made some jello popcorn balls as a take home treat. Liberty was so excited Thursday morning she could hardly contain herself...we had 4 girls come which was perfect, not overwhelming at all. These girls started making cards and made them with love. The cards are going to eventually be sent to Ronald McDonald Houses for the parents of young patients to use to brighten their childs day in the hospital. I loved listening to these cute girls think about what they thought would make them happiest. The cards aren't how I would have made them but they are adorable coming from a few young girls. They made 40 cards. I loved this idea of a Service Party...I plan to have more of them. I thought it was a great social and meaningful activity. It was a lot of fun to meet some of Lib's new friends.

Liberty and her friends, Elise, Autumn, Cassie & Brooklynn at the Service party. Holding up some of the 40 cards they made.

Later that night, Craig took the kids and used our free movie tickets and went and saw

They all came home thinking it was a fun movie. We had 4 free movie passes that expire soon so I decided it would be fun for them to go and I stayed home with Brit.


*if you are interested in the Ronald McDonald Service project go here*


Friday, October 16, 2009

Cub Scout Pinewood Derby

Zach's Pinewood Derby October 2009
We knew it was going to be a fun night when we drove up to the church to see a shiny white Corvette parked in the parking lot. The Cub Master went all out to decorate the place and it was awesome. As the boys arrived they all had their photos taken with the car and then were handed a pit pass that had a number for their car on it. The boys were pumped and ready to race. I loved watching them cheer each other on and talk about how they made their cars.

Here is Zach prepping his car for its first race...this is serious stuff!

Craig was asked to be one of the track judges (you know the guys who decide who wins each race), so he was stuck in this position all night long.

His reward along with the boys was a chance to drive the Corvette. It was so fun to watch how excited they all got about the power and doing donuts and fishtales and peeling out. I know my hubby sets a great example for his boys! I wonder what it will be like when they can drive. We'll just have to see!

This was the first Pack Meeting that I wore my new Scout Uniform. I have to admit I NEVER thought that I would own a BOY SCOUT uniform. I am on the Scout Committee and we were asked to show up to Scouting events in a uniform to set a good example for the boys. I kind of laughed and thought, not a chance...but, the Scout store was having a sale to get rid of all the old style uniforms to make room for the new style. So, Craig and I ventured down and I got a uniform, pants and all for $18.00. That is the ONLY reason I got one. I would have NEVER paid full price. So Sorry! But I have to laugh when Craig and I got ready to go and we were twins...well, I don't have all the patches on mine yet but we had to take a photo. I must say that Scout pants aren't the most flattering...YUCK! I haven't seen a zipper that long on a pair of pants for years. They make me look like I am still prego! But oh well, I wear it only when I have to, and now I can set a good example for the boys.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

For What It's Worth...

For what it's worth...

I wish that things would slow down...

I hope to be a more positive person....

I have a great family...

I think my husband is TOP NOTCH!!!

I love that my children are happy just hanging out with me...

I love spending time with my brothers and sisters...

I wish I would get moving and get back to pre-baby me...

I want to master the recipe of my new fav cookie...

I love my new calling...
I will get rid of all the piles of "stuff" in my house...
I love the fall weather...
Listening to my baby babble makes me grin....
I am what I am, and for what it's worth...I LOVE BEING ME!