Friday, October 23, 2009

PG Dance/Drill Camp

About a week ago we came home to find a small blue flyer taped to our was all about PG Drill/Dance Club's Drill Team Camp. Girls of all ages were invited! Libby was beyond excited. I must admit, something inside of me got all giddy as well. I was on the drill team my Sophmore year and LOVED it! We arranged everything for her to attend with some neighbors and the big day came. I didn't take them the first day, and come to find out her excitement turned to nerves and shyness, and it took one of Libby's friends mom bribing her!!! I know I am not proud of this at all. But after the bribe, she opened right up. She would come home and sing the songs her dances were to, and showing me the dance steps. She was really into this. The camp was 3 days long...on day 3 they had a performance for all the parents. She was so excited! I was hoping that she wouldn't freeze up when the crowd was there...and seriously there was no need for my worrying. That music started and she just lit up and had a ball...each age group did a jazz, military & freestyle (I think that is what they called it) dance. The dances were short but so fun. Lib did a great job! I need to get her into dance lessons because she really does a great job. At the very end of the performance the Drill Director made an announcement that they would be holding another camp in the summer, as we walked out of the High School, Lib was already asking if she could go to the next camp. I LOVE IT!!!

Liberty waiting for the music to start.
I love this, she was totally getting into this dance, and singing along with the music.

"Your on the phone, with your girlfriend, she's upset" Taylor Swift Song
Nice kick!!!!
Can't wait for next summer's camp! Thanks to all the cute girls on PG's Vikettes! Nice Job!