Tuesday, October 27, 2009

8 Months and a Few Days!

Okay, so I have tried to stay right on top of Brit's birthday each month...this month I let it slip. I was in Idaho helping my little sister on the 24th of this month, so we took the photos a day later, and I am not getting to post until a few days after that. Oh well, he really hasn't changed in 2 more days. I know that I have probably said this every month, but Brit has changed SO much this month. I can't believe how he running around in his walker, talking more (you know adding more sounds to his babble), he has finally cut his first tooth, he has mastered the army crawl and can move really fast, he learned to climb the 2 steps we have from our family room to our kitchen, not to mention how big he is getting, I caught him pulling himself up to a stand in his crib, his giggle is contagious, we all love it. Brit's first year is going by so fast, it is so fun to watch him grow and develop each day.
He quickly grabbed the 8 print out and Zach's little army guy to play with.
Here he is trying to climb off the couch, Zach is reaching out to grab him.

Notice the little scratch on his forehead, it has already begun, the sign of a baby becoming mobile.
MMMMMOOOOOOMMMMM! Not another photo!

Man, I love this kid!


cortney said...

oh my goodness, that last picture is priceless! how cute!