Thursday, May 5, 2011

Caleb Birthday

It just seems strange to me that my "little man" (as he was once called by me) is now 15 years old. Seriously, how can this be?? I ask this for 2 reasons...

1. it was just yesterday that we brought him home from to our house in Lindon.

2. I can't be old enough to have a 15 year old, RIGHT? I was just 15 not that long ago! HA!

Like it or not, my "little man" is growing up and getting big...really big! Even though I do sometimes struggle with the idea, I love watching him grow, make decisions of his own, and I love watching him become such a great young man. He puts a smile on my face!

This year his birthday landed on the first day of Spring Break. His wish, snowmobiling with his dad and brother. Wish granted! They had a great day! Fresh snow, sunshine, and who could ask for better conditions? They loved it. At about 1:00 I got a text from Craig's brother Scott...attatched was this photo. I just laughed. Check it out (I know it's small!)

You see in the meadow in front of the cabin there is one of those UDOT commuterlink cameras. Scott happened to catch Craig on his phone and told him to go stand by the camera. They were caught on film. Pretty funny, huh?

While they were gone Lib and I decorated the house and made his strawberry cheesecake. He came home to balloon, gifts, cheesecake, and because he left too early for us to go on our birthday donut run, we had some donuts waiting for him also. He had a great day!

And in case you were wondering...just like his shirt says...he's a keeper! We love you Caleb!


cortney said...

that shirt just made me laugh so hard!

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Nope... you aren't old enough to have a son that is 15...NO WAY!! Happy Birthday Caleb.