Sunday, April 17, 2011


At Grovecrest the 2nd Graders put on an original play called GLOW. It's a cute play about how everything has a place in the world. We were excited to watch Liberty perform. She did great. She had a solo, and nailed it!

Check out how cute she looked, and her whole class was awesome!

I love that she enjoys singing and performing.
Where does the wind go? After it rains?
Lib as part of the chorus. She was fun to was so funny to watch, she was like a mother hen making sure the kids that surrounded her had all their props at the appropriate times.
Butterfly #1 singing her solo. She was awesome! But I could tell how nervous whe was.
She was all smiles when it was all over and the nerves went away.
Showing off her wings
Liberty with some of her friends from her class.
Grammy and Papa came to watch her
The boys both had scouts and missed the play.

She did a great job!


Cari said...

What a beautiful butterfly! :)

cortney said...

so cute, that looks like a great program. that's darling that she did a solo!