Thursday, May 26, 2011

Liberty's Baptism

On May 7th Liberty was baptized. She has been looking forward to this day for just about a year now. It finally came!!! She looked so cute, she wore the dress that I wore when I was baptized (many years ago!!). I am so happy that it fit her perfectly! Grammy made her a dress out of the same fabric as her blessing dress & my wedding dress to wear after she was baptized. It is absolutely darling! For whatever reason I can't get that photo to open. I will work on it. Just take my word for it, she looked darling! It was a wonderful day for her, she was surrounded by family and friends who love her very much. I hope that she never forgets how wonderful it was!

Liberty in the same dress I wore.
It may not have been Brit's big day, but he was dressed to KILL! He looked so cute in his suit. He was screaming at the beginning of the baptism because he wanted to "get in the water"! He was so cute, he fell asleep after he calmed down and ended up sleeping through everything!
Grammy started to cry when she first saw Liberty.
One of my favorite photos EVER! I love that I happened to capture this moment between Craig and Liberty. So sweet!
Liberty & Craig just before the baptism


Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Congratulations Liberty! What special memories with the dresses.

cortney said...

she looked so darling---what a neat day to remember!

Merfy said...

Love that cute girl! She always gives me a big hug when she sees me at school!