Sunday, April 10, 2011

General Conference Weekend

You know it's General Conference Weekend when...

you wake up to unexpected snow...

Liberty begs to sleep on the bean bag so she can have that spot during the first session.

It sort of is the coveted spot in our family.

Brit plays with his trucks and cars all through every session Black paper is put over the windows so we can see the screen clearly.
I use almost a 1/2 ream of paper to print the many different Conference Packets to keep the kids quiet.

At 12:01 the phone starts ringing for the Bishop

Zach is happy when he gets the coveted spot.
Caleb gets cozy on the couch while listening

Brit snores through the last session

Zach tries every conference to get a photo that looks like he is singing with the chior.
and at the end of the day...a wrestling match takes place. All the cooped up energy is let out.
the family room looks like a pile of blankets, pillows, snacks, toys and who knows what

One of our favorite weekends of the year. We always look forward to being able to listen to Conference and enjoy being together all weekend.


Cari said...

Zach kills me! And I want a bean bag.