Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Draper Days 2008

Papa with all the little girls just after playing "Telephone"
Zach loving the fireworks! OOOO, AHHH!
I was messing with my camera and tried to do some panoramic photos, I love how I caught Caleb in every frame I took, and check out how Liberty is like disappearing between the left and middle shot. This pretty much sums up the fun right here! Love it!
Ready for a SWIM!
I can't remember what is happening in this photo, I just had to laugh at it! Check out how Caleb is lounging just like my dad! I love the expressions on everyone's faces!
Dad on Grill Duty! Great job just like always!
The typical 1/2 circle of chairs filled with the hungry Peterson Family!

Once again the time has come for our Peterson Family Draper Days Celebration. What makes me crack up is the fact that for years now we have outlawed the actual "Draper Days" festivities and just have our own fun at Mom & Dads. But I think it will always be known as Draper Days. The kids and I ventured up to Draper on Friday night, (Craig needed to stay and work on the retaining wall and would come meet us Saturday). We got up there and Cortney & Cari's family were there. We had a great time eating and laughing and just hanging out all night and into the morning. It amazes me that I haven't figured out how to go to sleep at a decent hour when I attend these things (2:00 am isn't a decent hour). The young ones were up early as usual, they wanted a head start on a day of play. We spent Saturday hanging out, playing outside, playing in the little swimming pool, & eating of course! The party officially began around 5:30 or 6:00 pm. We had a great dinner as usual, a great talent show that was absolutely hilarious! A little more play and then the great Draper City Fireworks show! Which did not upset! It was a long day but a great day spent together as a family. There isn't anything I would rather do! The people in my family are those who I love to spend time with, laugh with, cry with, play with, and everything else! I am one lucky gal to have so many great people in my life. I love you all!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Going Goth!

Okay, so a few nights ago I was painting Liberty's fingernails. While I was doing my best to make her have cute fingers and toes, she was busy telling me all the colors of fingernail polish we NEEDED! I just had to laugh. She rambled on and on about yellow, orange, blue, a better purple cause the one we have just isn't right, and we totally need some new clear, cause we are all out, oh and we need some black, so we could have space nails. She kept this up for about 5 minutes. It sometimes amazes me how much she can talk about the most random subjects. Very funny!

So yesterday while I was at the store I just happened to be walking down the nail polish isle. I saw what I thought would be the perfect "space nails" color. It is a dark purple with sparkles, you know like stars. I thought I was doing great! I got home and thought I better try this out before I let it go on Liberty. I am sitting in my office painting my nails and I will admit it is dark and kind of weird, but as fast as she goes through fingernails and toe nail polish, it would be fine. I could hear Caleb coming up the hallway and he walks into my office and sees the color and his first comment is:

"AHH, my Mom is going GOTH on me!"

Here is the finished product. Like I said kind of dark and you can't see the sparkles in this photo.
First of all, I think that was a wake up call that my little boy isn't so little anymore. If he even knows what it means to be Goth. Secondly, what the heck, he didn't even give me time to explain myself and labels me! We both got a great laugh. It is funny to listen to him these days, he is growing up and has some really funny comments to make. To clear the air, I am not going Goth. I honestly couldn't tell you exactly what that means, but apparently black fingernail polish is a part of it. The space nails may be a bit too much, but we may still give it a try.

Sometimes you just need a Bandaid

A few days ago, Libby came up to me and told me she needed a bandaid. Which is not unusal at all. In our house a bandaid is hard to come by because the little girl in the house thinks they are like stickers! Luckily I had just stocked up on them for our Family Reunion, and got her one. I asked her why she needed it and she said,
Okay, I figured she was going to make up some unseen hurt. But the bandaid sent her on her way and she was playing and I was folding laundry and doing my own thing. Time passed and I rounded the corner into our kitchen and this is what I found.

Don't tell me you wouldn't laugh if this is what you saw! Even with it on she still is so cute!

I couldn't help but laugh out loud! I think she had forgotten that she had it on her. She wasn't sure why I was laughing, and thought I was being rude and making fun of her. When I told her why I was laughing she started laughing too. She told me that the scratch on her nose had been hurting and this helped. WOW! I love that! I love her reasoning. Where if it were me there would be no way in heck I would walk around all day long with a pink Barbie bandaid on my nose. I love little ones!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Williams' Family Reunion!

Craig pulling our nice trailer out of our spot, heading for home!
Just one of the many rides that were taken. Craig with the kids.

Zach and Caleb fishing at Fairview Lakes.
Zach fell in LOVE with the Brian's dog Daisy...whenever I was looking for Zach this is where I found him.
Here we are just about to launch our canoe...little did we know that cute Libby would freak out about 30 feet out onto the lake. She was yelling at Craig, "Dad you're going too fast!" Crying and screaming at everyone that we were going to tip it over! She looks so innocent right here, it didn't last long!
Just some of the second cousins who all became really cute friends over the week.
My kids hanging out on the swing ladder. They loved the swing!

Williams Family Reunion 2008

We had so much fun spending last week with the Williams side of the family. I am always amazed at how close this family is. It is like things just pick up right where they left off, not an awkward moment. I have always loved that about them. The kids enjoyed playing, swinging on the swing (twisted and backward, which looked very frightening!) fishing, snipe hunting, 4- wheeling, crafts, playing wiffle ball, exchanging secret cousin gifts, pin trading and over all just hanging out getting to know each other better. We were lucky enough to be able to borrow Craig's bosses camping trailer. WOW! What a difference that made. I think I could get used to those. Very nice! We enjoyed every minute of our time up at the Veenker Cabin and property. It was so much fun to reconnect with so many great people. The week's events ended with a trip to the Provo Temple where Craig and I were able to do Baptisms for the Dead with Caleb and other cousins. It was a very neat experience because it happened to be Caleb's very first time going and doing them. I was very thankful and happy we were able to share it with him. The entire week was amazing. The only bad thing was the CLEAN UP! But other than that I can't complain. I just walked away from the whole experience so thankful for everything I have. I love all of my family! See you all in 3 years!

Zach's Baptism

Zach was baptized Saturday by his Dad. We had a wonderful day! Zach woke up singing "I'm getting baptized today!" in the cutest voice ever. He was very excited. We had most of the family there and it was great to be able to enjoy everyones company afterwards over our Nacho Bar. This was Zach's idea, originally he asked if we could have steak. Obviously the budget wouldn't allow for that. He loves Nacho's so that was his second request. I think it turned out great. He is growing up to be such a great young man! I still have a hard time believe my little guy is 8 but he is great. I think the world of him and I am glad he made the decision to be baptized. Here is a photo that my dad took of him right before the meeting started. I love the smile on his face. So cute! Congratulations Zach!