Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sometimes you just need a Bandaid

A few days ago, Libby came up to me and told me she needed a bandaid. Which is not unusal at all. In our house a bandaid is hard to come by because the little girl in the house thinks they are like stickers! Luckily I had just stocked up on them for our Family Reunion, and got her one. I asked her why she needed it and she said,
Okay, I figured she was going to make up some unseen hurt. But the bandaid sent her on her way and she was playing and I was folding laundry and doing my own thing. Time passed and I rounded the corner into our kitchen and this is what I found.

Don't tell me you wouldn't laugh if this is what you saw! Even with it on she still is so cute!

I couldn't help but laugh out loud! I think she had forgotten that she had it on her. She wasn't sure why I was laughing, and thought I was being rude and making fun of her. When I told her why I was laughing she started laughing too. She told me that the scratch on her nose had been hurting and this helped. WOW! I love that! I love her reasoning. Where if it were me there would be no way in heck I would walk around all day long with a pink Barbie bandaid on my nose. I love little ones!


Cortney Chambers said...

thats a really cute picture of libby!

Cari said...

I wish I had a nickel for every bandaid that was "needed" because something hurt. Man, I'd be rich!

She's a doll!