Thursday, July 17, 2008

Going Goth!

Okay, so a few nights ago I was painting Liberty's fingernails. While I was doing my best to make her have cute fingers and toes, she was busy telling me all the colors of fingernail polish we NEEDED! I just had to laugh. She rambled on and on about yellow, orange, blue, a better purple cause the one we have just isn't right, and we totally need some new clear, cause we are all out, oh and we need some black, so we could have space nails. She kept this up for about 5 minutes. It sometimes amazes me how much she can talk about the most random subjects. Very funny!

So yesterday while I was at the store I just happened to be walking down the nail polish isle. I saw what I thought would be the perfect "space nails" color. It is a dark purple with sparkles, you know like stars. I thought I was doing great! I got home and thought I better try this out before I let it go on Liberty. I am sitting in my office painting my nails and I will admit it is dark and kind of weird, but as fast as she goes through fingernails and toe nail polish, it would be fine. I could hear Caleb coming up the hallway and he walks into my office and sees the color and his first comment is:

"AHH, my Mom is going GOTH on me!"

Here is the finished product. Like I said kind of dark and you can't see the sparkles in this photo.
First of all, I think that was a wake up call that my little boy isn't so little anymore. If he even knows what it means to be Goth. Secondly, what the heck, he didn't even give me time to explain myself and labels me! We both got a great laugh. It is funny to listen to him these days, he is growing up and has some really funny comments to make. To clear the air, I am not going Goth. I honestly couldn't tell you exactly what that means, but apparently black fingernail polish is a part of it. The space nails may be a bit too much, but we may still give it a try.


cari said...

What kind of example are you setting Cricket! ?! :)

It's a cool color if you ask me. I love how Caleb gives you the business. He's a crack up!