Thursday, September 22, 2011

39 and Holdin'

I remember when my mom was turning 39, my dad played a record with a song on it called "39 and Holdin'". I remember thinking that seemed so OLD! It is funny that this year my cute hubby turned 39 (I am not far behind him!)...I wanted to get my hands on the song but didn't. But not to worry, his birthday was still complete with decorations, balloons, cake and of course an embarassing sign hanging on the house (all day without him realizing it when he left in the morning) that read...


(Sorry photo taken from my phone)

We got a few honks, but mostly people sent him messages on facebook or texted him. He felt loved. And really isn't that what a b-day is meant to be about? To feel the love! We celebrated with a trip to 7 Peaks with Craig's family (which happens to be Craig's least favorite place in the world!) but we were cut short by a wicked thunder/lightening storm which honestly was pretty cool! I hope he had a fun day!

So many candles it took 3 people to light them!

The cake all a-glow

Making a wish! Ready to blow them out.

For as long as they took to light...he blew them out in one blow!


Monday, September 12, 2011


One afternoon we decided to have a little fun and make this house which we have lived in for almost 8 years a little more ours! Who doesn't love seeing handprints in concrete.

After a little bit of prep work, we mixed and laid the concrete and waited for just the right moment for everyone to put their hand in.

Prep work...

Caleb mixing the cement
Craig smoothing everything out

Liberty taking her turn....(well really she is posing, cause I was washing my hands when the kids actually did it)

The final product.

So yes, we feel sort of famous!

Friday, September 9, 2011

One Of My Favorites

{Brit giving Caleb knuckles after his big win!}

Do you ever take a photo that melts you heart when you look at it?

Well, this is what this does to me!

It pretty much sums up how a little boy looks up to his big brother.

Definately one of my forever FAVORITES!

(If only I could have taken it with my camera not my phone! Oh well!)