Thursday, November 18, 2010

Scott and Andrea's Wedding

*November 2, 2010*
Craig's little brother Scott was married to Andrea Gomez in the Mt. Timp Temple. It was a goregous day! They really lucked out with the weather. The bride and groom were both darling. It is strange to believe that Scott was only 5 when I met Craig now look he's all grown up and married. CRAZY!
The day was great filled with family, photos, food, laughs, and seeing friends that we haven't seen in a while.
Check out some of the photos of the day...
Scott and Andrea just after being sealed.
One of the nicest things about the day was having all of Craig's siblings together in the temple with their spouses. He comes from a great family.

Brit enjoying some time outside.

The bride and groom...snap shot taken by Liberty

Liberty posing by another sculpture.

Brit made me pretty nervous running around these sculptures...especially when I saw the price tag! YIKES! I love these two boys!
Brit and me...before the reception started.

Veenker boys striking a pose by one of the many bronze sculptures.

All the cute Veenker girls...making funny faces.

Zach and Stockton found many different ways to kill time...ipod touch games was a favorite.

Liberty couldn't take her eyes off the cake. She was so excited to watch the bride and groom cut it.

Zach "helping" with decorating the car...looks to me like he is helping himself to the oreo cookies.

By the end of the night...Brit was one tired boy!

Congratulations Scott and Andrea!