Monday, January 4, 2010

Peterson Christmas Party in Pictures

Once again we were able to celebrate Christmas with the family at our house. The party was held on Christmas Eve afternoon. This giving the individual families a chance to hold their own Christmas Eve traditions. Everyone was able to come for a great time. One that will not be forgotten. Check out how much fun we had...

**Here is a photo of the group...I think I have almost everyone in this shot. Some of the kids were downstairs. What a great group! I love them all!

** Dad got us all started. Let the Talent Show begin! Always a highlight of the year.
**Luke playing the jingle bells, while Jack plays it on the piano.
**Jack in deep concentration while playing the piano.
**Adam singing with a little bit of help from his mom.
**Julia singing the song that she made up and dedicated it to Papa.
**Ross telling some great jokes. Making us all laugh.
**Kate and Abbie singing and smiling at the same time.
**Emily singing a solo...she did a super job. Even though she was nervous.
**The Houghton Family performed some Christmas carols using the boom-whackers. In case you were wondering, yes they hit their heads with the plastic pipes. It was hilarious!
**Liberty singing "Not That Far From Bethlehem" a new favorite of mine. She sounded really good.
*Our family making complete fools of ourselves. We got inspiration from the famous you tube wedding dance, and from The Office wedding. We used Chris Brown's song Forever and acted like we were going to sing a carol, music in hand and after the music started we threw the music up and started dancing. I am pretty sure we shocked the entire family. Check us out, rocking out.
** Still the family isn't sure what to think of us weird Veenker's.
**Caleb really hammed it up. I was even shocked by this.
**Our goal was to get everyone up and dancing...we almost accomplished it, some people didn't want to dance. But everyone was laughing and having a good time.
**Papa had us all sing Silver Bells. He asked the kids to help him ring bells at a certain time. Right here he is telling Caleb to be quiet, because he kept ringing his bell at the wrong time.
**Caleb ringing his bell with pride.
**Mom opening her present from Dad.
**This is a photo of Grammy and Papa with all the grand children. This is the last year that we will all be together, due to missions starting 2010, and the other boys following year after year!
**Every family had their photo taken with Dad & Mom. One day we will get everyone to take a good photo.
**My great family. I love spending time with them, I love that we can be laughing one minute and crying the next. We have a wonderful bond one that has been strengthened this last year, and one that will only continue to get stronger. I love them all!

One highlight of the party was listening to a tape that Dad made back at Christmas 1973. Coni sang and played the cello. Cari & Craig sang and I made baby babble (I was only 3 months old). We were able to listen to my Grandpa Peterson's voice. It truly was a treasure to hear. Even with all of us being goofy, when it all comes down to it I feel blessed to have a wonderful family, and there is no better time than the holidays to be with them.
Peterson Family Party 2009


Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

I love it!! So great to see all your family...such a great family!