Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Fun!

To say the kids were excited was an understatement! They went to bed happily Christmas Eve...we told them we weren't going to get up any earlier than 6:30 am. In years past we have let them wake up whenever they wanted to and take my word for it...2:30 am just doesn't make for a fun Christmas afternoon! Little did Craig and I know when we went to bed that we would be up most of the night throwing up...let's just say that a sick mom and dad on Christmas isn't the ideal! We managed to get our sick selves out of bed and enjoy Christmas morning with the kids. They each LOVED their gifts! We all were anxious to see how Brit would react...he didn't really understand it, but he loved the wrapping paper and yarn bows! We took a little longer to open gifts just taking it slow due to some of us feeling the yuck!
After opening gifts and trying to clean up a little bit, we headed over to Veenker's to celebrate with the family. We talked to Scott, and we all thought it was funny that this will be the last phone call home he has, his mission has gone by pretty fast! In about 6 weeks he'll be home! Everyone ate what looked to be a delicious breakfast, but Craig and I weren't up to it quite yet! We opened gifts and just enjoyed being together. We came home to take a nap, which meant the kids were going to watch Brit after his nap and they all had free reign of the house. When I woke up and walked out into the family room, it was all I could do to just put the blinders on and NOT worry about the lovely mess that was everywhere! I had to hand it to them, they managed to keep Brit happy (that must be what was going on with all the cracker crumbs EVERYWHERE!) and they all got along, enjoying their Christmas gifts!
Craig couldn't handle the thought of another I took the kids back over to Veenker's for an impromptu dinner. It was very casual but still really nice. After being there not to long Caleb started throwing up. So our time there wasn't very long. Being sick on Christmas just isn't fun, but somehow we managed to make it memorable. The sad thing about it was, we ended up spreading the yuck instead of the love! Sorry to everyone else!

This Christmas we have been blessed beyond belief!!! I cannot even begin to explain all that was done to help our family. The last part of 2009 was VERY slow to say the least and we were blessed by Christmas Angels who stepped up to help. Our goal is to one day be able to help a family the way we were helped. We are truly amazed by the love we were shown! Thank You!
Caleb checking out his new iTouch. He & Zach both got one. They love them!

Brit loved his truck he got from Santa. Can't you tell by his face!

Zach opening his Nerf machine gun Brit got him. He couldn't wait to see how fast it shot all 50 nerf darts out, but silly us, we didn't pay attention to the fact that it took some D batteries. OOOPS!

Liberty showing off her new stage Craig made her. She got a karaoke machine from Santa and we thought this would be the perfect thing to go with it. Craig made it perfect for her!

I couldn't get Brit to stop trying to eat the yarn bows!

This is as much as you will see of me, this Christmas...I was a sick-o! But I love these knitted slippers my children gave me!

Craig modeling his new BYU snuggie!
Some of the kids at Grandma & Grandpa's house

Brit listening to the converstation about American Girl dolls

Zach opening his cousin gift...a cool pocket knife and new socks!

Liberty opening her new boots from Grandma & Grandpa. They are really cute!

Christmas 2009 was one we will never forget. Fun times, Family time, and lots of love!
I hope your Christmas was enjoyable, safe, and everything you ever dreamed it would be!


Merfy said...

We have had two Christmases like that! They definitely are memorable, but boy were we glad that no one threw up this year! Glad you are all feeling better!

cari said...

That stage is the cutest thing I've ever seen! What a perfect gift! (The BYU Snuggie is a close 2nd though!)