Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thanksgiving Day In Rewind

Here is our Thanksgiving day in reverse.....
This is what my family room looked like the morning after Thanksgiving. We had 8 kids sacked out all over the place. It was a fun sleepover to end a great Thanksgiving!
Brit and Craig getting sleepy...everyone was winding down.

Liberty getting her groove on!

Zach taking his turn at DDR

Caleb and Chris and Dance Dance Revolution...which was quite humorous!

Brit playing.

"Please return me to the Veenker home if lost" this was put on McKay's back after being found playing outside alone.

Craig getting a chance for a nap!

The gang playing Bingo...Grandma had Pez machine for prizes. A huge hit!

Kyle & Craig discussing something important I am sure!

Zach enjoying his Thanksgiving dinner!

These are the name cards that I made for the family. After 40 of these I was glad to be done!

We started our Thanksgiving morning out right with powdered donuts. Do you think Brit loved them??? He was a cracked up, he had this giddy grin on the entire time he ate! So cute!

Thanksgiving was fun! We spent the day with Veenker's, the day was spent eating, talking, laughing, playing, sleeping, games, sleeping & even dancing. It was a great day!


Jen said...

Oh thanks for sharing those pictures and stories. I missed being there so much so it helps to see all the fun and what a GREAT family I have! I love the sign on McKay! Classic, he's such a funny kid!