Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remember Forever

I woke up this morning to a flag waving in my front yard, thanks to Caleb for putting it up very early. I got tears in my eyes because I can so vividly remember what that morning was like for our family. I was sad that at school today nothing was said or even mentioned. I wished I would have planned something incredible in remembrance of this day. Most of the children that I work with weren't even born when the towers fell and the planes crashed. I don't think Zach knows much about it. Liberty wasn't born. Caleb knows, he was young in Kindergarten but I feel like he knows. He showed respect by getting up early and placing the flag out (not only for us but for a few others in the neighborhood), I am so impressed by that. What is amazing to me is that the memories still seems so fresh, I remember the feelings I had, I am amazed at how strong people were and are. Such heroes.

I love the quote on this slab which was place on the Pentagon after rebuilding the section which was hit by the plane. So true!

A flag found in the rubble of World Trade Center. Oh long may she wave!

I will never forget the sorrow and sacrifice of that day. America is strong! God Bless America!


Cari said...

I love that Caleb remembered to put the flag out. I love that kid!