Thursday, September 4, 2008

Football on the Brain!

Okay I must say that here in our household we are very caught up in Football right now...both boys are playing tackle football, so double the gear, double the practices, double the games and double the talk! Also, this year for the boys birthdays they got BYU season tickets. They love BYU!!! Not a day goes by with out some sort of football talk. Which is fine, Liberty and I have learned to just shake our heads and not ask questions. (Just kidding!!!)

Well, tonight I think takes the cake with the football talk. Craig, Caleb & Liberty had just gotten home from Caleb's game (which they won 35-0!!!) and I stayed home so I could take and pick up Zach from his practice. After showers of course (let me tell you it doesn't matter if the boy is little or big, the stink factor is there!!!) we were kneeling down to say our family prayers and this is how it went....

Craig: "Zach will you say the prayer?"
(at this point the room got quiet and everyone knelt ready for the prayer)

Zach: "Down, Set, (and then a long pause)

Entire Family: LAUGHTER!!! Everyone in the room just burst out in laughter!

We now know that we are living, breathing, and even praying football! It is surely something we won't forget!!!

Go Vikings!!!


Cari said...

Oh Zach! What a character!

In our house it's golf. All 3 older boys are very into it. Jake and Scott are on the high school team. Lee's even the high school JV golf coach now. So, we can't go a day without golf talk. Did you know there's a golf channel? Oh yes, it's as exciting as it sounds.

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

That made me laugh out loud! That is so funny...gotta love that personality! Wow, it's football on the brain...good luck with your busy season.

Shelly Kenison said...

At least you know he is focused! What are great moment to remember.