Wednesday, January 16, 2008

so here it goes...

okay i must say that i have been trying to get this started for about a week now and everytime i get into it i have to quit and run somewhere and then forget to save here it goes. i must say that i am fully aware that i am way behind the times and honestly not proud of that fact but this is my year to start my blog.

my life is wonderful...i am the first to admit that i have my days when i don't feel that is the case but when i take the time to think of all that i have been blessed with i will always come to that conclusion. i am blessed!!!!

i have an amazing husband, CRAIG! we just celebrated our 13 year anniversary, i can't believe it has been that long but also can't remember life without him. he is a wonderful provider for me and our family. he loves us and we love him. he is the greatest example to the children, they look up to him so much as do i. what a great guy!

we have 3 incredible children who definately keep us on our toes. we have CALEB who is 11.5 who is a total stud! he is a responsible, loving, helpful young man. it has been strange to watch how much he has grown in the last year. he is a young man and is setting a wonderful example for his younger brother and sister. what a personality. the boy is so fun to be around and has a great sense of humor. he loves football, baseball, xbox and his electric motorcycle.

second is ZACH who is 7.5 and again a stud in the making! he is an absolute crack up! he has a talent of remembering lines from movies and he knows exactly when to use them in conversation. he is following in his brothers footsteps with a love of football, baseball, xbox (although he likes different games) and his electric motorcycle. it is amazing how similar the two boys are. zach is our tenderheart...he loves babies and loves to help when it is convienient for him!!! we love our zach!

last but not least is our LIBERTY who is 4.5, when she was born we said she would bring balance to the force in our home. and that she has...she is in many ways completely different from the boys with a love for princesses, dolls, makeup, and anything girly, but don't you be fooled she can hold her own! she is usually in on the wrestling matches and tries to play football with the boys (sometimes they don't really like that). she is taking gymnastics, and is 4.5 going on 13 well maybe 17! she is my little shadow, and most of the time i love it, you know what i mean.

our family is great, we all get along and we enjoy being together. don't be mistaken, we have our moments when we all need to be put in our own corners but hey, what family doesn't, right? keep checking for our updates, somedays are just ordinary but hey others are extraordinary and those are the ones we all look foward to and we want to share them with everyone!