Saturday, January 19, 2008

all in a day

last night i thought to myself, what am i going to do tomorrow. well the list began to form.

  • take down christmas decorations (which i don't like to do because of how plain my house looks afterwards!)

  • finish painting front room

  • laundry, laundry, laundry

  • clean out toy room

  • make di run

  • make bread

  • start to research things for summer in the village

  • clean house

i could go on but the list quickly became completely overwhelming as usual. after waking up to a dramatic and tired zach, the day was off to a crazy start. zach is so funny, he is my homebody and doesn't see why he should have to go to a primary activity, then there is craig, my absolute, there was not question of whether or not zach would go. thus the battle began. in the end zach went to the activity and when he returned he was called into craig's office to find a task waiting for him. zach had to write "I will not talk back to mom and dad, ever" 20 times. to zach this was way worse than any time out, or being grounded, but it worked! what a genious my hubby is. he has been an angel all day long. that was a great punishment for zach. not that i love to come up with punishments but hey kids will be kids and that was exactly what zach needed.
needless to say i sit here at my computer at 5:30 pm and only 3 things on the list got done but hey, i finally finished painting the front room (after 3 months) and the christmas decorations are down and now i have to figure out what to replace them with. blank walls are not to my likeing!

all in a day, and the day isn't even over! Life is great!