Friday, November 11, 2011

Zach's Football Season

This year Zach's team did great! They made it to the playoff's. The team was lucky enough to have some very talented parents who were willing to take photos of every game. Check out Zach's season in photos:

Zach #1 and Stockton (his cousin) #5

Zach blocking

Zach in action

Randomly our team had two #1's on it. I was grateful for Zach's yellow mouth piece because it was one way to help tell them apart.

Until the last few games when Stockton gave Zach a new mouth piece which he called his the pink!

Zach running onto the field after 1/2 time.

Zach tackling someone

Zach making his way through the parent tunnel after a win

Zach blocking

Listening to a half time pep talk

More blocking...

and more blocking....

and, not sure what is going on in this one!

Awaiting kick off

Looking for a tackle

after a tackle

Probably my favorite photo of them all! Look how cute this kid is!

Another great year of football...until next year!!