Thursday, October 13, 2011

Summer Tea Party

Towards the end of summer Grammy and Papa had a Summer Tea Party for the younger girls. They of course made it perfect for the girls. They had a good time making trail mix, and doing crafts and of course eating outside under the tree. It was a fantastic day for everyone. One thing I learned (well I have always know it but this just reinforced my knowledge) was that my Mom has a wonderful talent for making ordinary things EXTRAORDINARY! She is amazing. It's all about the details. I LOVE IT! She makes everything so special. The girls definately felt it. The best part was after we had everything set up and Dad, Cortney and I went inside to eat while Grammy and the girls stayed outside, just watching the girls interact with their Grammy who they all ADORE! Laughing and just pure love and happiness on all of their faces. I wish I would have taken a picture of that. Thanks mom for making another day EXTRAORDINARY!

(just a little side note: Liberty is totally picking up on the fun things her Grammy does. It isn't odd for me to come to the dinner table that has been set by Lib with name cards, small dishes with little treats at each place setting, goblets, and random flowers as a center pieces. I must say that I LOVE THIS!)

Liberty showing off her yummy cupcake.

The girls coloring Lady Bugs and puzzles.

Making trail mix

Liberty's turn to mix it.

Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes! YUM!

The tea party food. Seriously how cute is that?

Grammy giving the girls some great advice!

Pinkies UP!

4 cute girls with Grammy & Papa

Thanks Grammy & Papa for another great memory!