Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Signs of a SICK baby

Brit hanging out in my least I got a smirk!
Signs of a sick baby:

1. random old towels strewn over every surface he may sit or sleep.

2. mounds of laundry, from all the throw ups due to coughing so much

3. sippy cups and bottles full of all kinds of liquids hoping he will ask for a drink

4. a quiet house so Brit can get his rest and not be woken up after he falls asleep

5. two parents who are so sleep deprived that they may or may not be on the verge or craziness!

6. nebulizer, with albueteral ready at hand to help with breathing (spelling is very questionable)

7. brothers & sister who are worried along with parents

8. phone calls anytime mom and dad leave the house for an hour, throwing up again

9. a pale, sad faced little boy wandering/laying around

10. tub filling up and emptying at least 3 times a day, with a very skinny baby boy in it

11. full plates of food, trying to get him to eat anything, and he'll only take a bite or two

So for the past couple of weeks Brit has been sick. About 12 days ago we took him in and found he had double ear shocker for us. He didn't show any sign that his ears were hurting, we took him in because of his cough. He got a shot of antibiotics (because he REFUSES to take meds) and we saw signs of him being better. Then about 5 days ago it all came back! Not what we wanted to have happen. He and I spent the weekend just hanging out on the bean bag sleeping, and trying to get him to drink and eat. Yesterday, I was done, I wanted him better. So I took him in AGAIN! Nothing makes me crazier than having to go back to the Dr's. Sure enough, the first round of antibiotics didn't work and both his ears were still infected. This time we have to have a series of shots...3 days in a row. He won't be too happy about that. I wasn't too happy about the amount of moo-la I have to spend. YIKES! But, you do whatever it takes to make your child better, right? He already seems to be getting a little better, he woke up at 1:15 am last night asking for cereal, which is great, but his timing wasn't the best. So here we are just hanging out hoping he is on the mend.


cortney said...

i'm so sorry---poor little guy! i hope he's feeling better.

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

So sorry your little guy is so sick! No fun!! Hang in there, Cricket! Cuddle away that nasty sickness.