Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Lights? Well Maybe Not!

Last night I thought that we needed to spend some quality time together and do something to help the Christmas Spirit. We have been so busy this year we haven't had a chance to do many things to celebrate the season like we normally do. I thought okay, lets go see the lights at Temple Square. So we all bundled up and headed out the door.
We stopped for dinner and on the way out we were approached by a young man asking for money. I didn't have my wallet and Craig only had 3 dollars in cash, which he gave to him. (That plays into the story in a minute).
We headed to Temple Square, little did we know that it was going to be so crowded...our normal parking spot was totally full, and so was pretty much everything else. We decided to go for the pay parking, we were desperate. (can you tell how cheap we are) I pulled out my wallet and discovered that I only had 3 dollars cash. Just FYI there is nowhere in to park in SLC for $3. This is where the other $3 we gave to the young man could have been helpful! But we did a good thing by helping him out. (RIGHT?) So with some unhappy children we decided to see the lights just by drive-by. One child was very BUGGED! But we were stuck, in the middle of very busy, crowded, not a parking stall in sight (at least one we had money for) SLC. So, we made one more pass by, saw a few lights, and left!
(This is what we went to see...but sort of got jipped)
On the way home, with Brit asleep in his carseat, and one child still giving us the stink eye everytime we turned around. I had a brillant idea...Thanksgiving Point lights. They are drive thru. (And after making a phone call, I found out they take debit card.) Perfect solution, right? WRONG! Of course after we mentioned this to the kids and they seemed pretty jazzed, we drive up to the entrance only to find the line to get into the lights area was probably 4 miles (at least) bumper to bumper at a stand still. To this I had to scratch my head, it is a DRIVE THRU right? We quickly vetoed that because of the time and how slow it was moving...or not moving! Again our plan was busted! More stink eye!

(This should have been what we could have seen!)

So I took matters into my own hands, pulled out my phone and found great Christmas Light displays on YOU TUBE! We watched them the rest of the way home. I know, I know, nothing like the real deal, but I made everyone laugh when I pulled it out to show them some lights. Seriously, not what we had in mind but it will be one we remember that's for sure.
( You never know when You Tube will come in handy!)

One last idea of mine that actually worked! We stopped at the new Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in AF and grabbed a couple of apple pie carmel apples. They were a hit! Not to mention delicious! After one bite, the stink eye was gone and a smile lit up her face!

An interesting end to a very interesting evening! But it ended sweet!

Have a great week before Christmas!


Jen said...

I'm so glad you gave a hint to which child kept giving you the stink eye. I thought that it the whole time it was Caleb. I know how much he loves to see lights! Hopefully Libby is over the light thing. See you Saturday! Oh, PS, I know that you do your own Christmas eve thing but Lori, Wendy, Mom, and me (and the rest of their families) are getting together Christmas eve for Fondue and yummy goodies, you guys are invited to come if you want. Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you the details.