Sunday, April 4, 2010

Peterson Family Easter

We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt at Mom & Dad's house yesterday. As always it was really fun! The food was delicious as usual...and just being able to spend time as a family was the best part of all. This year Dad wanted us to have a photo taken, due to the fact that Jake will be heading out on his mission in the next few months, and from that time for the next like 6 years we will have at least one missionary out in the family. Which is hard for me to believe that the grandkids are growing up so fast. So we met at the church and it was a struggle to get everyone sitting still, looking at the right spot, you know, the typical famiy photo situations...but with 32 people it was extra difficult. Hopefully we will have at least one work out. We shall see.

A quick snap...don't ask me what Caleb is doing.
Craig snapped this one of the immediate family before the photographer took his.
The hunt was a highlight of the afternoon...what was different this year was the grandkids about 12 and up chose not to participate, instead to hide the eggs. WOW! The numbers were small for the actual hunt but it was still as fun as ever. Brit wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to do, so I had to help him along. Zach ended up with over 16 dollars and Liberty had 14 dollars and Brit had about 9 dollars, along with a bunch of candy for all. Brits favorite thing of the day was sitting in the big basket of empty Easter eggs...he played in them for quite a while.

Brit found something interesting along the fence...he didn't care too much for the eggs.

Brit's eggs

The best part of the afternoon for this little guy!

Once again, it was a great day spent with family, enjoy each other's company and laughter. Thanks for a great day Mom & Dad!


Cari said...

So much fun! I'm huge. Yikes.

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

So fun to see pictures of your family all together! Happy Easter!