Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas in pictures...(kind of out of order, but you'll get the drift!)

With Christmas being on a Sunday, we made a deal that the kids could see what Santa brought them, then they had to get ready for church and if there was enough time before we had to leave they could open gifts. Keep in mind we have 9:00 am church!

Craig and I couldn't believe that the kids didn't wake up until 8:00 am. At 5:30 Craig was chomping at the bit. Finally, after being up forever, the started stomping around upstairs and still they wouldn't wake up. He finally woke them up, mostly because we needed to leave by 8:40 am. Don't you worry, the kids were able to get a lot accomplished in the short amount of time they had! Stockings were checked, and dumped, candy wrappers were left all over the room, luckily Santa doesn't wrap at our house, so those were easily seen and loved. Church close were on, hair was combed, teeth were brushed and a few gifts were unwrapped all in 40 minutes. Which has to be a record for us! To bad every Sunday isn't that way!

The day was magical...my vote is that Christmas is always on Sunday. I LOVE IT!

Check out the fun photos, somehow, I need to have someone take a photo of me next year! I am NEVER in the photos. Oh well, we all had a wonderful day!

Christmas tree full of presents waiting to be opened.

Santa has been here and kids are still sawing logs in the basement!

It didn't take long for the room to look like this! This photo was taken after church.

Zach showing off his new helmet.

Craig looking at the Disneyland photo I had made for him.

Caleb so excited for the wheel spacers for "his" truck!

Brit couldn't wait to get the packaging off his Mack truck!

On Christmas Eve I told the kids that we were going to have a contest. Of course, out of all the shopping I did, once again this year I didn't buy pj's. I always kick myself...I WILL NOT FORGET NEXT YEAR! The contest was for each of them to come up with the best elf looking pj's. I didn't think it would be as good as it was!

Zach wasn't very into the idea! But those socks are pretty good.

Liberty looked good...she was all red! Cute girl!
Caleb on the other hand....I was shocked when he came up the stairs. He went ALL OUT! I laughed my HEAD off! Needless to say, he won in my book!

Check it out! Don't you agree, winner hands down! He even put the stockings on his feet, and had bells dangling off of him. FUNNY BOY!

One more note to self...make sure you take a photo of entire family next year. Very important!!

Merry Christmas (a month late!)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas Eve at the Christensen's

This year we had the chance to go to 2 parties on Christmas Eve. Peterson party was held earlier in the afternoon, and that night we headed over to Christensen's house. Again, we ate wonderful food, I wish I would have taken a photo of all they goodness that was ours for the taking! DELICIOUS! After eating tons, Lori says okay, we are going to play the paper bag game. Now if you have never played this game, it is ALOT harder than you would think!


Place a paper bag on the floor

Hands have to be behind your back & one foot off the ground

All players must pick up the paper bag with thier mouth

Everyone gets 3 tries, if you don't make it you are no longer playing

Once everyone has sucessfully picked it up, you cut a portion of the bag off

Sounds easy enough, but I promise...MUCH HARDER THAN YOU THINK!

This game tends to hurt more then next day then it does while playing! HA! HA!

The laughs are everywhere! All I could think about while playing was...I must look ridiculous!

Here's Libby's 1st try

Caleb's turn...

Craig's turn...this was taken after the first round...the bag is shorter
Zach in the first round...

Me in all my loveliness in the 2nd round...

It is very funny to watch. We only made it a couple of rounds, we were all full from eating so much and the combination of the two wasn't working so great! If you can believe this I have seen this game played where only the bottom of the paper sack was left and people were still able to pick it up. CRAZY! Seriously, it is a very fun game, give it a try! But don't say I didn't warn you!

Randomly, I ended up winning the game! It came down to 4 people still in and we went ahead and picked numbers to see who won, it was my lucky day! I won the iTunes card! Funny thing is I don't even have an iPod! So my children were really nice to me and of course I let them use it!

One last shot from the 2nd floor of their house. Everyone there, playing Pictionary!
Thanks for a fun party Christensen's!

Christmas Eve Peterson Party

This photo pretty much sums up what Christmas Eve is all about. Being surrounded by family. Once again the Peterson Family Party was held at our home. It is always wonderful to be with family. We had a great talent show, yummy food, great laughs, and fun presents. I must say that a nice working piano really kicked up the talent show. So much fun! As the family gets bigger and older, I am always amazed while spending time with them how blessed we are to have each other. It was a wonderful party!

*panoramic photo of everyone in the family room*

*cute girls in Santa hats*

*Zach sporting his hat*
*Grammy, Caleb & Libby singing Silver Bells*

*Libby playing Silent Night on the piano*
*Brit (with my help) singing I'm Getting Nuttin' For Christmas, which he really can sing all the words and really well for a 2 year old, but of course he chose not to sing for the family. So sad, cause it is DARLING!*

Another great year to celebrate Christmas, being with the ones you love and enjoying every minute of it!

Merry Christmas 2011

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

He's Permitted!

Caleb got his permit in October. He could have gotten it last April but thought he should read the book before hand. It didn't take him 6 months to read it, we were just so busy that it kept being pushed back. Finally, without even really reading the book we went one afternoon on a whim. He had to take the test 2 times, doing pretty badly the first time and then coming to the car to take the practice test on my phone a few times then returning to pass with only missing 3.

It was rush hour when we left the DMV and he was begging to drive home. I couldn't let him, as a mom, I just was sort of freaking out! However, when we got closer to home, I pulled over and let him drive the back way home. I know, I am really nice right? He has had lots of practice since then, and only one time scared the TAR out of me! Let's just say I saw the lives of all my kids, my husband and myself flash before me eyes...seriously 15 seconds of TERROR on the freeway! But he will be a good driver. Maybe it's just the fact that I can't believe that he is old enough to be driving. I know, I know, I need to face the facts, my boy is growing up!

Caleb driving for the first (legitimate) time 11-11-11

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Temple Square

The Friday before Christmas we got all bundled up and headed up to Temple Square to see the lights. This has become a tradition for us along with going to dinner at Sizzler in SLC. Its always fun to see the beauty of Temple Square sparkling with millions of christmas lights. Photos of our night below...

We parked in the new City Creek parking lot, which proved to be a trial...you see they lock the doors early and we had to pound on the doors until a janitor would open the doors so we could get back to our car. On the search for the car!

Caleb and Zach think they had finally found it!

A quick photo of my cute clan!

Someone is pretty excited! So cute!

Cute, traditional photo of all of us inside the Tabernacle. (maybe I should have taken my hat off, I really do have eyes!)

Brit and I waiting for the rest of the family to come out of the Assembly Hall

A family photo surrounded by the awesome lighted trees.

Dinner at Sizzler... not sure what Lib is doing.

The other half of the family at Sizzler

There is nothing I love more than spending time with these guys! I love Christmas traditions both small and large! Until next year!