Monday, April 27, 2009

Someone's Growing Up!

I snapped this photo and right after the camera battery this is as good as it gets.
Not the best photo but he is getting BIG!

I know that I am late at getting the posted but I really did intend on posting this Friday. Brit turned 2 Months on Friday. It is still so amazing to me how much they change and how fast these changes occur. He is smiling more and more, his feet are dangling off the end of the car seat, his temper tantrums are fewer each day, he carries on great coverstations of cooing, ohs & ahhs, and a scream has now been added to his cry. He is adorable and in case you are wondering the battle for his attention has not subsided. Everyone in this house is still so in love with him it is crazy!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hollywood Here We Come!!

I wish this was an announcement that we were going on a fun filled vacation...but no Liberty's birthday was yesterday and we had a Hollywood/Movie Star Party. It was fun, you know a house full of 6 year old girls who came dressed up like movie stars, oozing with sass running around, dancing to the total girl music what more could we ask for.

I told myself I was going to do this party on a budget...I gave myself $20.00...and I did it!! I will admit I had part of it at home but here's what we did and the break down.
As the girls arrived they each were stopped by the poparatzzi and flashed a smile & some even struck a pose.

Liberty and her friend Kate carpet - fabric I had down stairs. $0.00
photos printed to include in thank you notes $0.28 x 7 = $1.96

You know every real big movie star has their handprint in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood like this...

so being the big stars they are they each got their own square to put their handprint & signatures on. These turned out reaaly cute, we did them on gray parchment paper with stamp pads for the prints.
Cost: 9 sheets of cardstock $1.80
gold glitter for stars $0.99
stamp pad & markers - had them downstairs

These tuned out really are the girls making them
Next we made a movie...the girls to make a music we blared the music and the girls sand and danced around the room while I taped them .
Cost: $0.00 (I borrowed a friends video recorder)
Everyone was dancing all was fun!

We all gathered on the couch to watch themselves on the big screen. They all loved watching the movie we ended up playing it like 7 times!
Cost: popcorn $0.00 (had it at home)
licorice $1.29

the girls ate popcorn & licorice while watching it.

After opening presents we went outside and had cupcakes. The girls ate and ran around having fun.

Liberty had to have pink cake, pink frosting, and pink sprinkles this year, I guess last years pink frosting just wasn't enough.

Cost: Pink Cake mix $0.88

Pink frosting $1.39

Pink sprinkles $1.00

Just before the girls left I told them I was going to send their movie to Hollywood and I would let them know if they made it big! They ate it up!

As each girl left Liberty gave them a sucker with a little star stuck to it that'll always be a star to me! Thanks for coming!

Cost: 12 tootsie pops $1.00

Other costs: koolaide drinks $2.00

Table cloth, paper products $3.52

Here is the island all set up before the girls got a hold of it. Yummy stuff!

So there you have it!!! Total cost $15.83!!! Even with the cost so low, the girls had a great time, best part of the whole thing...Liberty was in hog heaven!!!

My little girl is 6 years old and I can't believe it. She is so fun to have in our family. She loves life and is a great girl. We love you Liberty! Happy Birthday!

PS...Even the boys wanted to be a part of the party. Too bad they both had baseball practice! Here they are on the red carpet.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break 2009

This morning we had to get back into the routine of school. It was hard but we managed. Everyone got up a bit droopy but seemed fine by the time it was time to head out the door. Spring Break was fun and of course it went by way to fast!! But when I think of how fast this school year has gone so far, the last six weeks should go pretty fast! Summer can't come fast enough for our household. We had some fun during the's what we did!

Craig pulled out the telescope Monday night after playing capture the flag. The kids love gazing up in the night sky.

Here are the kids hanging out on the grass just after the night games waitin for Craig to get the scope set up & focused

Tuesday moning we woke up to SNOW & lots of it...that didn't stop Liberty & Zach from getting snow clothes on and heading out. They were out there most of the day.

Can you tell that Zach loves the snow?

Lib, Zach & Zach's friend Jackson...when Mother Nature sends you snow during Spring Break what should you do??? Make SNOW CONES! (I must say that I felt like pretty fun mom when I pulled out the flavored syrups and plastic cups and let them have at it! They LOVED it to say the least!)

There was a lot of this going on in the evenings...everyone congregating to Craig's office to play Tiger Woods Golf on the computer. Don't ask me why the big draw to this game but all week long everyone (except Brit and I) played this. Does any other family see this? Where one game is the best thing for awhile then forgotten for months on end? Maybe we are just odd that way.

Thursday we did a little kite flying. It wasn't very windy but we had a good time anyway.

It took a few tries to even get the kites up in the air, Craig was a good sport to help the kids.

Friday we decided to have an indoor camp out. We pulled out 3 twin size air mattresses and one queen air bed and turned on the movies and had popcorn and what was funny is everyone was asleep by 10:30 pm. We live very exciting lives!

Look how cute Libby looked snuggled into her sleeping bag with a matching flower in her hair she made that with her cousin and she loved it so much she slept in it!

There you have it! We had a great week, it was nice to have no real stress all week. Now were back into the swing of things. Fun for us!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Name Change

For weeks now people have been asking me when I am going to change the name of my blog...well the day has come.

no longer applies since the Brit was I have been thinking of a new title for the blog and finally came up with one that I feel fits. So here it is.....(drum roll please!) My blog will now be called....
I felt like Craig needed to be included in this title...seens how I wouldn't have these 4 great kids without him. I like the sound of the new title...I hope you like it too! If not oh well, cause it has taken me weeks to come up with this title and I'm not going to try to come up with another one. SO THERE!!! Ha Ha!

Monday, April 13, 2009

13!!! Are You Kidding Me?

Yep this is my boy! I love him tons!

I am having a hard time grasping the fact that I am now a mother of a teenage boy. Caleb turned 13 on Saturday. Crazy to think how fast the time has gone. It seems like just yesterday that we brought him home. He is such a great young man. Watching him grow both physically (which is crazy...he now looks me in the eye!) spiritually, intellectually (he currently has straight A's!!! Way to go Caleb!) and in every other way is amazing. He changes everyday. He is funny, strong, helpful, a great example to his brothers and sister, loving, fun to be around, and an all around good kid.

For his birthday he got to go snowmobiling with his dad. They had a great time together and the snowmobiling was a lot of fun. I love that he enjoys spending time with us. I hope that is always the case.

Happy 13th Birthday Caleb!!! We love you!

Easter Fun

You just have to love Easter! I love this time of year. I love Easter and all that comes with it. This year was another fun one. Saturday morning Liberty, Brit & I braved the rainy weather and headed to Discovery Park for our first Egg Hunt this year. I couldn't believe how many eggs there were. We haven't ever attended this hunt and after going I think we will be back. It was a complete free for all...the police siren went off and the mass of children ran out to gather as many eggs as they can. Liberty had fun and got some yummy treats.

I think the egg hunt took maybe 3 minutes. Once the siren blared...the eggs were gathered up in no time flat. Lib showing her eggs.

I told you we braved the cold, wet morning. After I got Brit all bundled he hardly fit into his car seat.

After Zach came home from camping we headed up to Grammy & Papa's house for the annual Peterson Hunt. We started the fun by coloring eggs. A tradition that everyone loves...Adam was so funny, he colored all his eggs green and then put another coat of orange on the top of the green. He was loving it. Liberty and Kate sat at the end of the table and spent lots of time coloring theirs. They were loving it.

Kate and Liberty putting tons of thought into what color to dye their eggs.

Adam showing his hands after putting the two colors on his eggs.

While all the other kids were coloring eggs...Zach was hanging out with Dad & Craig in the living room...Man Talk!

After coloring eggs we headed outside to hunt for eggs. Papa saves his change all year long and then fills plastc eggs with all the money. This year there was $167.00 up for grabs. The kids filled their buckets and had a great time doing it. Liberty and Zach both came out with a bunch of money. Liberty ended up with $18.20 and Zach with $20.00. So fun! The kids made a big sign to thank Grammy and Papa for a fun hunt. It was great to be with the family and enjoy yummy treats and chatting.

Liberty filling her bucket

Zach grabbing as fast as he can.

Almost all the grandkids...saying thanks to Grammy and Papa.


We had another fun filled day Sunday. We went to church and enjoyed the lessons and talks given about our Savior and his Ressurection. After church we were able to go to Grandma & Grandpa's house for Easter dinner and another egg hunt. Caleb was the lucky one who got to hide the eggs. He thought that was pretty cool. Once everyone arrived, we had the hunt....the kids went running out grabbing everything in site.

Everyone making a mad dash out the door to gather eggs.

We had to put Brit and Colin together...cousins that are just a month and a half apart. They looked so cute together.

Colin and Brit's first meeting. So cute!

Jax was so curious about Brit. He kept sniffing him and checking him out. You would have been so proud of me, I didn't freak out when Jax crawled on top of Brit and was licking him. If it had been any other dog I would have freaked! But Jax is so well taken care of I know that he was safe. The funny thing was that Brit didn't even wake up.

Jax giving Brit kisses

Jax trying to figure out Brit.

It was a fun night. We celebrated April birthday's. It used to be just Caleb for so long but now he has to share it with Liberty and Colin. Craig's cousin Carly also is an April b-day. We sang and the kids got to open presents. Caleb got much needed batting gloves and Liberty a new cute swimsuit with a pink cover up. Very fun!

Waiting to blow out the candles.
Liberty showing off her new swim suit

Caleb trying on his new batting gloves

What a fun weekend! Nothing better than spending time with family all weekend long.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Too Much Food Netword I Guess!

Yesterday when Liberty came home from school we started to make lunch just like every other day. She was making her own cheese burrito and I was helping Brit or something and when I came back into the kitchen I found this.

Notice the "fancy" party plate she uses for lunch also...this is one of those things that if it makes her happy it works for me!

Now you have to know that for the past few months she has started to enjoy watching the "cooking shows" as she calls them. She has her favorite shows and then her not so favorite ones. Here are some of her favorites...

Giada De Laurentiis - This is Liberty's all time favorite "cooking show". I really don't know why she likes her the best but if I ever need some time I turn her show on and she is hooked. She loves it.

Sandra Lee - Semi -Homemade is a great show...Liberty always says "we should make that". I think this is where she got the idea for the sugar rimmed glass...because Sandra Lee always makes a cocktail to go along with her meal. We'll stick with the fancy koolaid!

Guy Fieri - Lib likes watching his shows, she loves his diners, drive-in's & dives show best.

Somewhere on one of these shows they must have been making some sort of "fancy drink". Well, for whatever reason she decided to improvise and do this for her lunch. Sugar rimmed grape koolaid with lime. Her version of a "fancy drink" . She loved it so much we had to do it for dinner ... the boys thought it was amazing! What could be better than sugary koolaid with more sugar around the rim of the glass. They all were in heaven, and had to go outside and run it all off after.

It still amazes me what Liberty will pick up on. She does many things like this that surprise me. But I love that she is willing to try it. I think it is fun! Who knows what she will come up with next. We shall see!

Here she is enjoying her "fancy" lunch!

As they say on the Food Network - BEST DISHES!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Smiles!

I have noticed that Brit is starting to smile at many things. There aren't many things better than catching a young baby smiling at something unknown to anyone around them. I was getting ready one day and had Brit sitting in his stroller and looked over and saw this.

How cute is this...he kept smiling for a while, at least long enough for me to go grab the camera and taking a photo of one of his first real smiles. I love it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Zach's Little League Draft

Zach getting ready to go!

This baseball season we decided to sign Zach up for Little League instead of playing in the competition league he played in last year. Craig's brother is coaching a team and we were trying to figure out a way to make sure Zach got on his team. Coaches are only able to secure their own child and the rest is all done by draft/tryout. So the plan was to send Zach dressed in normal clothes (not his normal baseball attire) and have him not give it his all so none of the other coaches would notice him. We talked it up, told him that for an hour he didn't have to play his best, just to lay low so he could be on the team with his cousin. Well, I don't know what happened cause I wasn't at the try out...but from what I understand, Zach turned on the show...he pitched fast balls, dove to catch pop flies, he was giving it his all! Not what we had hoped, at least not to get on the team we wanted. Well, apparently his uncle was trying to tell him to lay low and he just was having too much fun or something. Long story shortened...Zach was the first draft pick for his age group. That means he isn't on his uncles team...bummer! But I must say that in a way I have to laugh...he got out there and remembered how much he likes to play and had fun. So this year he won't be on a "family team" but he will do great. His coach said that when he rated the boys he gave them a score from 1 (being the lowest) to 5 (being the highest) that Zach got a 5 with a star next to it. So if anything I have to be excited for him this year, he will get a chance to pitch a lot, which I don't know if that would have been the case on another team, due to other pitchers. So we shall see what the season brings for him. I hope it is one he will enjoy.

I must explain the he was getting ready to go Caleb and I were telling him to act like a "non-athlete"... we joked about sending him wearing a football helmet and with a foam bat asking to play goalie. We were all getting a great laugh out of the situation. When he walked out the door I was thinking he would actually go through with it...I guess I was wrong.

Go White Sox!