Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 10

Day 10 ... I LOVE ...

kids singing patriotic songs!

Here is Liberty just getting ready to start the first song which was called The Pledge of Alliegence...so cute!

Today was the Kids Village Patriotic program. They do this every year right around Presidents Day. I love sitting there just listening to the mixture of voices, mumbled words at times, and enthusiasm and ended up crying. Okay, I know the hormones are all out of wack right now but to be there and listen to these darling children (whom I know and love) sing "I'm Proud To Be An American" sorry, you can't say it wouldn't bring you to tears. Then directly after that having one of the students from the stage wave and yell out "Hi, Miss Cricket!" Tears were flowing! But I gained composure quickly!!! Nothing cuter than these little voices singing songs I love!


Cari said...

How cute! I hear you on that song! Emma's learning it right now in singing and I tear up everytime I hear her try to sing it.