Monday, June 2, 2008

Look What Came For ME!!!

Okay, I must say that my hubby is so cute. When I came home from the Run for Ryan on Memorial Day and told him the story of my "cross trainers" just not cutting it. He got right on that. He purchased some running shoes for me online shortly after. When they arrived I was so excited. I love them. They just look cool all new and white! To be completely honest they arrived about 4 days ago and I have yet to try them out. I know, I is on the list. I set the alarm with full intentions of getting up and heading out for a nice morning run. But for some reason, my bed seems to win every morning. But that has to stop!!! I WILL go tomorrow morning. It will be fun. I have to tell myself that. The next race I plan on running is in 2 weeks so I better try to at least break the shoes in before race day. My secret hope is to better my time! So once again my hubby has done it again!!! He is great and extremely thoughtful. I love him to pieces. Now I better get running so he can come and cheer me on! While I wear my cute new running shoes.

My chip will look so at home on these shoes!!!
Thanks Craig!


Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Those shoes have "Professional Runner" written all over them!!! Good luck with your running adventures!

Shelly Kenison said...

I am sure you will make great time wearing you cute new tenny's. How thoughtful of craig, maybe you should blog about needing something else and see what turns up in the mail? ha ha ha

Craig and Cricket said...

Shelly, this is Craig. Stop giving her suggestions. Thanks